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  1. macca

    Mixed African cichlid tank question.

    Hi guys, I'm curious to understand the reasons as to why mixing African cichlid species (mbuna & peacock etc) is frowned upon on here? I have a heavily stocked, mixed African cichlid display male only tank with no health issues whatsoever either than the typical mild territorial aggression which...
  2. macca

    My mixed African cichlid tank

  3. macca

    My mixed African cichlid tank

    Just an update from my first African cichlid tank 7 months ago (a 3 foot - 300litres) to now a 7 foot (approx 1000litres) tank. My African cichlids have grown from approximately 5cm to some as big as 14cm today. I can't get enough of how beautiful some of these fish are and I'm 100% sure that...
  4. macca

    Large African not eating.

    Turns out this big guy is partially blind. I've only recently noticed that he swims into the glass and only barely sees frozen peas I've dropped in there. I don't want to euthanise him but he is wasting away. Any ideas?
  5. macca

    Large African not eating.

    I've tried vege and nls cichlids in pellet and flake but I don't think its the diet. It's the big guy on the left. It could possibly be a Taiwan reef.
  6. macca

    Large African not eating.

    Hey guys, I was given a 15cm African cichlid (not sure of the specie). It's between 2-3 weeks now and I haven't seen him eat. He looks like he is attempting to eat but I think the 1mm pellets are too small. Ive tried 3mm floating pellets and frozen blocks of food on the substrate but it seems...
  7. macca

    Question on drilled sump filter overflow

    I was thinking a durso standpipe at the back of the tank with the 90' elbow in the tank and a stem from that elbow to the substrate. I don't see how it's any different seeing that the elbow with or without the stem will be below the water line and the hole on the stem below the water line will...
  8. macca

    Question on drilled sump filter overflow

    That's exactly it. I tried it with a 16/22 hose and although the hole was fairly small it stopped the siphon immediately and I agree I would have to check the hole regularly which will be part of routine maintenance anyway.
  9. macca

    Question on drilled sump filter overflow

    I'm assuming you meant 'not' syphon!? Anywho... Will chuck a box on
  10. macca

    Tetra white fluff deformed mouth can't close

    Sorry to say, but it's very likely the common 'neon tetra disease' which is incurable. You need to keep your water quality emaculate to avoid this disease as best as you can. However, you could try a broad spectrum antibiotic which treats both fungus and bacterial infections. Also or your...
  11. macca

    High tech planted 40 gallon breeder

    Looking really nice. I miss having planted tanks.
  12. macca

    RO water

    Plants can adjust to high ph so your tap water is fine. Also, the added benefit of tap water, is that it provides trace minerals and micro elements (which are removed in the RO process) that are beneficial to plants. The only benefit of RO water in a planted tank, in my opinion, is when a...
  13. macca

    Question on drilled sump filter overflow

    Hey matsungit. Long time no see. Thanks for the input, however, I'm not overflow/sump savvy so I'm looking at a simple, straight plumping through the fish tank glass, straight down into the sump filter. Durso pipe but no box. Will that work?
  14. macca

    Question on drilled sump filter overflow

    Hey guys. I'm upgrading to a sump filter for my next setup with a drilled overflow in the tank. My question is, I would like to connect a stem to the overflow so it pulls detritus up from the substrate and as a fail-safe, would a hole in the stem below the water surface stop the syphon so it...
  15. macca

    Vacuuming heavily planted tank

    Plants utilize the wastes but I would still lightly vacuum any wastes that accumulate at the surface of the substrate.
  16. macca

    To Moonlight or not to Moonlight

    Apparently a blue moonlight help some fish spawn. Personally, I've always added a blue moonlight to my tanks on a timer. Pair it with a white sandy substrate to give the tank a totally different dimension at night.
  17. macca

    is 400 GPH too strong for my tank???

    Why not run two of your current filter on opposite ends of the tank? I prefer to over filter than under. I have 3 filters currently running my tank. This helps reduce dead spots, good circulation, even temperature through out and surface agitation. Other benefits of multiple filters is the...
  18. macca

    Treatment for sunken belly in African cichlid

    Thanks Beeker. I wish I had come across your comment earlier. I would have ordered metro before the others but anyway, it's alway good to have extra wormers thanks for your help.
  19. macca

    African cichlid tank update

    thanks guys! Small ones are Anubias and Java ferns. The 3 big ones were unknown to seller but I would agree with you and say they are some type of swords. They start off looking like Amazon swords in an aquarium but will grow long stems with wide, short leaves under high output lights or in...
  20. macca

    Fertilisers and Algae

    Hair grass can be a difficult plant to grow and even more difficult to carpet because they require high output light.

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