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  1. Platylover

    Murdock's New Home 14g Peninsula

    I probably will eventually, just can’t right now unfortunately. Out of curiosity, what’s your favourite part of SW?
  2. Platylover

    What's Your Favorite Kind Of Fish?

    Awe poor things! To bad they have to be in QT forever! They are so beautiful, would be such fun in a big community. That is true about the parasite, it’s interesting that yours were able to get more goldish. I’m curious if you keep the tank raised with the wild if eventually they’ll get the...
  3. Platylover

    What's Your Favorite Kind Of Fish?

    I dont, but I wish I did. An LFS I used to go to would get them in frequently and I always wanted a school... Just never had the space(even with restocks, they were not compatible with the others!). I'm jealous you have them though...They are one of my favorites on looks! Do you plan to breed...
  4. Platylover

    Murdock's New Home 14g Peninsula

    I'm around enough to care for my FW, but by time I meant I already have so many tanks adding another will really stretch it lol. I do hope in a few years to be able to rearrange and set up a few SW's though!
  5. Platylover

    Murdock's New Home 14g Peninsula

    So nice! I bet he's happy! Makes me wish I had the time to keep a SW, love the little clowns.
  6. Platylover

    Pretty In Orange

    Beautiful! It looks like the proper section to me.
  7. Platylover

    Male Or Female Betta?

    It’s a male. You can double check for an egg spot but fins, beard, body length and shape, all point to male.
  8. Platylover

    These Weren’t On The List!

    Beautiful! What a nice find! do you plan on breeding them?
  9. Platylover

    Question Do Many People Not Know About The Nitrogen Cycle?

    I don’t believe many do... This is something that has always baffled me a bit. Why would you not know about the nitrogen cycle?It is taught in school from an early age... It’s illogical to assume that just putting fish in a tank, with water running through a sponge, is going to provide long...
  10. Platylover

    Profiles & Questions Seeing On Different Posts.

    A lot are either outdated or do not have all the information. It can also be a bit of a hassle to have to go to someone’s profile every time you want to see their information. It’s easier to have that in the thread vs everyone having to switch back and forth. On the app there is only the...
  11. Platylover

    Bigger Is Not Always Better

    If you properly care for a tank in all aspects, they should have the same amount of difficulty. I do not always understand why everyone typically says this, even parameters wise I don’t see the larger tanks being that more forgiving in my experience. For a beginner I believe a 10g is a great...
  12. Platylover

    Baby Danios!! What To Do?!

    I disagree, breeding nets can cause stunting and if you move the cycled media over there really should not be much of a cycle if any at all. All that would be needed would be watching the parameters a bit for the first few days.
  13. Platylover

    Help Bloated Danio

    You said it’s been like that for awhile? I probably wouldnt. I would look into fish tb a bit more. This being said, there’s something a bit off about him and I’m not certain if it’s just bad genetics. I would suggest starting a seperate thread asking if anyone knows what’s wrong vs if it is...
  14. Platylover

    Green Terror Sick

    Can you upload a video of him to YouTube and link it here? Or photos? Yes, as mermish said, if the tank is cycled it ammonia and nitrites should be at 0. The ammonia is a major concern and is likely one of the primary issues here. I’d do a 75% waterchange and make sure to vacuums up any of the...
  15. Platylover

    How To Change A Hob Filter

    That should be fine, just make sure water moves through it and it’ll work.
  16. Platylover

    Help Bristle Nose Pleco Stuck To Wall At The Surface.

    Few questions- 1. Tank size 2. Parameters 3. Do you use a liquid test kit 4. Temp 5. Waterchange schedule and how much 6. Do you use dechlorinator.
  17. Platylover

    How To Change A Hob Filter

    Ah ok, what about using a media bag for the fibers?
  18. Platylover

    My Two Big Tanks.

    Beautiful! Did you purchase all the frontosas or breed some?
  19. Platylover

    How To Change A Hob Filter

    I’d get some new slip ins, but only replace one at a time. Leave the new one in for 2-3 weeks then replace another. Continue until all are replaced.
  20. Platylover

    Baby Danios!! What To Do?!

    Yes, I would remove them to the seperate tank. How big is it? I’d suggest a 10g for a grow out. I’d also move some of your used filter media into the new filter and keep an eye on the parameters.

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