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    I Rescued A Little Betta, What Is He?

    Considering the neglect for the most part that those fish face, I would call it a rescue too. I rescued a feeder from a tank that was so black woth algae and growth you couldn't tell there were living animals in there. Not only that but surrounded by 30 dead bodies??? Yeah that's a rescue...
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    Help Power Outage

    The pumps I have are rated for 40-60 gallons and have dual outlets, so you don't need a splitter to power two tanks. I currently have two 20 gallon spong filters and 2 hob filters on my 55 using one of these pumps. Then I have the other pump hooked up to two filters in a 20 long, and one filter...
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    Funny How Does One Get A Fish Room?

    Who needs that kind of negativity in their life anyway! Fish first!
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    Id This Fish?

    To me it looks like a notropis, a shiner. It's a freshwater fish who stays along the edges of fast moving rivers. I could be wrong though...
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    Help Power Outage

    If you want to power multiple tanks maybe get a dual outlet pump? Unless you already purchased one.. Lol That's so unfortunate that wasn't enough to keep your tank going... I once lost my pump for about a week and was somehow barely able to keep my cycle alive in it.. Ridiculous your filters...
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    Help My Mollys All Died :(

    I'd definitely invest in a test kit, either the api master freshwater liquid kit or if you can't find that or afford it right now, get a small bottle of test strips including the ammonia one. It's important to know about ammonia levels in the tank for yourself, and not just what a store might...
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    Help My Mollys All Died :(

    My gobies were always pretty sensitive, so I don't think it's just the water change that killed them... This does sound like a mystery though.. It's often quite odd for only one species of fish to die overnight. Are there any other fish? Exactly how much water did you change? All of it or just a...
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    Help My Mollys All Died :(

    To be fair I don't use water conditioner anymore either. It doesn't harm my fish, and saves me a bit of money as well with my 16 fish tanks. I wouldn't say it's always the tap waters fault, but if the tank was really mucky, you may have ended up with an ammonia spike. I would get a test kit and...
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    Help Fish Gasping At Surface?

    Do you live near a petco? If your plan is to get another 10 gallon, you might want to take advantage of the dollar per gallon sales. I'm not sure if they are still going on, but you could just get a 20 gallon long tank, and put all of your fish in that, and they would be very happy!!! I didn't...
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    Help Diseased Betta

    I don't think it's columnaris, as that looks more slimy sometimes than what ever the heck this is??? It definitely seems likely to have a bacterial side to it, but it also sort of looks like the skin beneath the scales is swelling? Or growing? Doesn't exactly look like a disease I've seen...
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    Help Fish Gasping At Surface?

    So right now you are likely not having them in a cycled tank. Ammonia tests are the most important tests for you to have, aside from nitrate, especially when cycling. Nitrite is still important, but ammonia is much more toxic and harmful. You are using 3 water conditioners, and they all have...
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    What Catfishes? What L-numbers?

    I believe the first two phots would be zebra plecos? Columbian zebra? L129? The 3rd one is a synodontis, and I don't think they have numbers but I don't know. To me the last one looks a bit like a rubberlip but with a leopard coloration, and I don't know enough about those either to have any...
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    Filter Pad Instead Of Sock

    I believe it has to do with the idea that we think carbon pads dont hold a lot of bacteria in them, but not only that, we dont always want to be using carbon. And on the other hand still, those carbon pads can be quite expensive, especially if you're tossing them out every week, instead of just...
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    Is This A Disease -pleco

    Oh my goodness That is the farthest thing from a pleco! Haha!! Who told you that was a catfish?!?! LOL That's what is called a Siamese Algae Eater. It's not very good at munching algae, just like plecos aren't but these guys can also be more aggressive, sometimes chasing smaller fish down for...
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    How Many Dwarf Puffers For A 10g Cube

    Females sometimes have a more mottled appearance, when they are younger they have baby spots and stripes, and when they are older these fade off the male into just a few spots where the females stay looking young sometimes. I think females have a bright yellowish belly too, and then the males...
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    How Many Dwarf Puffers For A 10g Cube

    Most people say a max of 3 in a 10 gallon, 2 girlies and a male, we had 5 in our standard 10, but a cube is a bit different. As long as it is heavily planted there shouldn't be much trouble, we only had aggression during feeding, though our puffers were still a bit on the younger side as well...
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    Corydora Breeding Project

    if you remove the water in the 5.5 and add water from their current tank, you should be able to transfer the cory kittens with no problem, the only real shock comes when water parameters change quickly.
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    Quarantine Plants

    I did mention you didn't have to use bleach, and could use vinegar as well /shrug But I suppose it is 20 parts and not 10 like I remembered. Though another person saying they used a standard spray bottle (they're usually about 4 cups or so?) And said they'd use a whole cup of bleach. Which is...
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    Quarantine Plants

    members swear by bleach and vinegar dips to rid of pest snails and possible disease, bleach dips are done at 1 part bleach 10 parts water for plants, and 2 parts bleach 10 parts water for decor and other items. Vinegar isn't as harmful as bleach, and I believe can be done at a 2 parts vinegar 10...
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    Help Continuing Dropsy In My Betta

    Epsom salt, Methylene blue, and kanaplex imo should be used all in one, and sometimes even coupled eith pshyical aspiration. It is often caused by bacterial infection or parasites, which means you need to treat for an imfection and organ failure, not just for dropsy. Some use a furan-2 mix, I...

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