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  1. Casper&Mushu

    Comment by 'Casper&Mushu' in media 'Nova the betta.'

    No i'm not a photographer, i just got a good shot at the right time.
  2. Casper&Mushu

    Personality Change?

    Haha oops, i often miss jokes, i don't have a very good sense of humor, sorry!
  3. Casper&Mushu

    Personality Change?

    Fish aren't like us, they have complex social structures but they don't rebel when they become a teenager. When you say "Give him the belt next time he misbehaves" I hope you were joking.
  4. Casper&Mushu

    Question Alternative Foods ?

    Tank seems a lot like my Tropical fish tank, I feed them Bloodworm, but another good option they seem to love is Frozen brine shrimp, they go crazy over that stuff. If you are looking for dry foods, I have the Aqua one tropícal flakes.
  5. Casper&Mushu

    Help White Spots

    White spots usually mean dropsy, if there are any tankmates check them for spots and take the ones that are infected and put them into a quarantine tank immediately, do a 30% water change on the original tank and treat the quarantined fish with dropsy medicine that you can find in your local pet...
  6. Casper&Mushu

    Question Gender Of Fish - Guppies And Endlers?

    The guppy seems to be a male, a more colourful pattern as opposed to the drab gray and white colours of females. Endlers look to be male too.
  7. Casper&Mushu

    Personality Change?

    Bettas are beautiful animal, but sometimes unpredictable, when faced with a major personality change, ask yourself questions such as these. When did he first start acting this way? Did you add anything new into his tank before this? Has he had a history of personality changes before? What is...
  8. Casper&Mushu

    Question What Fish Are These?

    Fish are not simply animals, they are a way of life. For some you should fear fish, they can be small and harmless, but they can also be dangerous like Pufferfish and Triggerfish. To answer the first post, they are both female guppies, they look dull so they may be stressed.
  9. Casper&Mushu

    Casper And Mushu Interview

    I would probably do themes, based on favorite movies or shows, I currently like The twilight saga, Stranger things and Shadowhunters: The mortal instruments (Yeah I love thriller/Dramas) so probably some theme about those shows and movies.
  10. Casper&Mushu

    Interesting Fish Names.

    Yeah I think I remembered the from old movies I watched with Italian and German names in them, I also studied Latin for a while so may have also just remembered random Latin words. Good idea with the city naming idea. I hope you keep naming fish because no matter what inexperienced people say...
  11. Casper&Mushu

    Interesting Fish Names.

    Good choices! Nice ones :3 Haha.
  12. Casper&Mushu

    Interesting Fish Names.

    One of my personal favorites as well. I'm happy to add more names if you ever need, it literally took about 10 minutes to compile a list of 50 fish names into a document.
  13. Casper&Mushu

    Help Molly Has Clamped Fins After Giving Birth!

    I'm not too sure what the Molly has, but coat shedding, clamped fins and scale peeling seems to be a symptom of a pretty serious Molly disease, i would do a 20% water change in the 10 gallon tank, do some research on fish diseases (On here is a good idea because there are many threads on fish...
  14. Casper&Mushu

    Betta Identification

    Okay, so obviously this fish is a female, the finnage is is looser and smaller than a male, from what i can tell on the pictures it looks like a plakat, i can definitely not tell for sure, but i have quite extensive knowledge on betta fish and i can tell you for sure, you got a beautiful fish...
  15. Casper&Mushu

    Help To Identify What's On My Fish

    Just looks a little ripped from what i can see on the picture, i wouldn't worry that much, but if it doesn't heal in about a week or two, please let me know. Obviously mollies are quite quick and boisterous fish, so i don't think it's uncommon to see ripped fins on it, may i ask if you have any...
  16. Casper&Mushu

    Interesting Fish Names.

    Glad to hear you like them fish 321, once you've decided on a name, please show me the betta! I'd love to see it, betta's are so amazing and flashy, truly the peacocks of the aquarium
  17. Casper&Mushu

    Interesting Fish Names.

    Hello Fishlore! This is a post I think many of you will like, me myself like interesting and different fish names that really stand out from the crowd, I mean, how often do we see a goldish named goldie? Or a guppy named bubbles or fin. Yeah, some people like fish names that are normal and...
  18. Casper&Mushu

    Casper And Mushu Interview

    One tank thats stocked with whatever one type of fish i like and i have the time (and energy) to rescape to a brand new theme every month.
  19. Casper&Mushu

    Help Guppy Laying Down + Sinking?

    Aww what a shame, it could be anything really that happened to it, guppies are rambunctious fish and grow to quite large sizes, he could've injured himself on any items in the tank, or it could be a disease, and maybe as you said , it could be swim bladder, but anyway, sorry for your loss.
  20. Casper&Mushu

    Back At It Again

    Thank you everyone! I always considered this place a nuturing environment and I'm very glad to be back in here, and AquaticJ, maybe it was some other person who looked like me,

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