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  1. SM1199

    Is my guppy aborting its fry?

    Stringy white poop often indicates a parasitic infection, which is most likely why your previous fish died. It is very unlikely that this is the result of fry abortion.
  2. SM1199

    Lfs Substrate Question

    @Donthemon beat me to it. I agree - you will want to colonize the new media directly with the cycled media.
  3. SM1199

    Euthanasia Gone Wrong?

    I'm very sorry your experience went so poorly. You did the right thing even if it didn't seem like it in the moment. Don't blame yourself for it. Clove oil - being oil - has a hard time dissolving in water. Technically, it never actually dissolves, it just floats around in the water. Ideally...
  4. SM1199

    Question Are These Madagascar Lace Plants

    It certainly looks like Madagascar lace to me.
  5. SM1199

    I Don't Know What Happened

    I have never owned a flowerhorn, but I might be able to contribute here. The physical build of a flowerhorn can commonly alter their ability to eat because of compression of their organs. After all - they are hybrids, the parts/organs they get from each species don't always work together very...
  6. SM1199

    Absolutely Traumatized By My Filter

    Every filter I've ever seen has a plastic colander-like attachment to the end of the intake tube. Does yours not have this? It should 100% prevent a 2-inch goldfish from being sucked up.
  7. SM1199

    Large Self Sustaining Tank Build

    I will say that I don't think two goldfish in a 45-75 gallon tank will ever not need a filter because they just produce SO much waste. And that's not even including the white clouds. Also, goldfish LOVE to munch on plants, so they'll tear up all your ammonia-absorbers. This would be really nice...
  8. SM1199

    Betta Emergency!help!

    If it is a mass, tumors can only be treated by removal (aka - a vet does the surgery), and that's only feasible if 1) the fish is suffering because of it, 2) there is a good chance the fish will survive the surgery/have a good quality of life afterwards, and 3) you're willing to spend the money...
  9. SM1199

    Best Way To Get White Guppies?

    When dealing with males you like but no suitable females, usually people will go for the plainest, boring brown (ideally light brown in your case) females. If you can, I'd say you should look around your other LFSs to see if they just have plain old uncolored female guppies. Quarantine your...
  10. SM1199

    Betta Emergency!help!

    How do you know she is eggy and not overfed? Have you tried fasting her before, and if so, for how long?
  11. SM1199

    Betta Emergency!help!

    Can you provide a picture?
  12. SM1199

    Feeding Bettas

    For my slow eaters (for fish in general - not just bettas, but does include bettas), I only drop one or two pellets or flakes in at a time and make sure they eat that and come back to the surface before I feed them more. Yes, it takes a lot longer, but I get to better regulate what they eat...
  13. SM1199

    New Platy Flat Belly And Hunched Back

    Looks like a totally different fish! Just one week after those sickly pictures were taken. Easy to tell from the picture how much more active she is
  14. SM1199

    Help Tail Rot Or Damage?sick Betta

    Actually, that split looks old and looks like it's already healing (as evidenced by some clear new fin tissue at the base of the split. Nothing to worry about, keep doing what you're doing, and if you feel the need, I second the therapeutic recommendations by Repolie.
  15. SM1199

    New Platy Flat Belly And Hunched Back

    Thought I'd give an update on this if anyone else comes across it and is wondering what happened or is going through something similar with their own fish. After the levamisole, I also threw in some aquarium salt in her quarantine tank and (unfortunately) became so busy I had completely...
  16. SM1199

    Well That Was An Epic Fail

    For future reference, you definitely don't need to feed much at all to make a snack out of fruits and veggies! For example, a while ago I put a single little disc of boiled carrot in my medium-stocked 55 gallon and everyone went crazy for it but it wasn't even half-eaten when I took it out the...
  17. SM1199

    Help Is This Fungus?

    Yes, it is some type of fungus. As it's growing on the rock and not your fish, it won't do any harm. There must have been some type of organic material sitting on the surface of the rock that the fungus is now growing on.
  18. SM1199

    Can Someone Sex These Shrimp?

    Looks like it!
  19. SM1199

    Could This Cpd Be Sick?

    This is what I think it might be. He may indeed have a slightly deformed face, and that's stopping him from eating properly. It might be a deformity due to inbreeding, unfortunately, which is why some of them might show up in a batch here and there but the others seem unaffected. I don't think...
  20. SM1199

    Could This Cpd Be Sick?

    Most importantly: is he eating? All my cpds looked pretty underweight with sunken in bellies when I got them but fattened right up in a few days. I find that their tiny mouths need equally tiny food. At first, they even had trouble eating the micropellets, so I had to crush those up.

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