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  1. KinsKicks

    Betta With Dropsy

    Ah got it! Kanaplex is the name brand of Kanamycin and metroplex is metronidazole from Seachem, specifically. I *think* Australia has other brand equivalents of these two (I’ve seen them around from other people, but can’t remeber the specific brands. Unfortunately, the blue planet milticure...
  2. KinsKicks

    Betta With Dropsy

    Hello! It might not be too late; this has saved many a fish over the years First problem is the aquarium salt, you don’t want to be using that. You want Epsom salt. Dose 1/8tsp for every 5g. Buy unscented with no additives; the ingredients should be plain Epsom salt (or just magnesium...
  3. KinsKicks

    Question Stocking Ideas For A 10 Gallon Cold Water Tank?

    Ah okie. So, I wouldn’t do any cloud minnows; they can actually grow to a decent size (1-1.5”) and are a robust schooling fish so a 10g isn’t quite enough space for them. You could try a school of 6x Celestial Pearl Danios (aka Galaxy Rasboras). Some killifish that would work would be a small...
  4. KinsKicks

    Golden Wonder Killi - Urgent

    Hello! It sounds like a swim bladder issue, there’s a possibility of treating with Epsom salt if there is a fluid build up impacting it. However, if it’s a gas issue, sometimes not feeding can also be helpful. As a precaution, does it just seem like a swimming issue? Or do you see any other...
  5. KinsKicks

    Question Stocking Ideas For A 10 Gallon Cold Water Tank?

    Hello! Can we know the tank size? Tia!
  6. KinsKicks

    Are Either Of My Fish Pregnant?

    Hello! It’s a little hard to tell for the orange guy (can’t see the analfin) but your Mickey Platy is very much a female; if your orange one is a male or the Mickey has ever been in a tank with a male, she is most likely pregnant and then it’s jusy a matter of how far along. Assuming she’s...
  7. KinsKicks

    Your Favorite Pre Filter Sponges Please!

    Hello! My favorite and I have those exact filters and they fit just fine. They have a bottom which is super helpful Fluval Edge Pre Filter Sponge, 1 Count -
  8. KinsKicks

    Pre-filter Sponge For Fluval Canister Intake?

    Do you know what kind of packing sponge? Material also can make a difference for longevity as well as performance. Personally, I used these As I liked the shape and there was plenty of room to bore the hole bigger. And they’re for sure aquarium safe Sometimes it doesn’t matter the sponge...
  9. KinsKicks

    My Betta Smaragdina Are Showing No Color...

    Hello! I would definitely take out the pencil fish; if you do notice them chasing them constantly, then they are most likely stressed and stress is the fastest way for colors to disappear. Try it out and see if they change their behavior.
  10. KinsKicks

    Help Adopted Betta Health Questions

    The API master test kits are generally a bit more reliable on the long run. The test strips are nice on a budget and short on time, but general exposure to oxygen from opening and closing (sometimes forgetting to close it haha) can affect the accuracy of the strips and/or the ability of the...
  11. KinsKicks

    Help Adopted Betta Health Questions

    I see the spot on the container *facepalm*. Also! I wanted to add that finnage usually grow back clear initially; don’t panic. It can sometimes be a bit thinner, but eventually the tissue will thicken and the pigmentation often catches up later. Therefore, if you see new clear finnage tissue...
  12. KinsKicks

    Pre-filter Sponge For Fluval Canister Intake?

    Hello! As to my knowledge, not anything specifically for the canister intakes; I’ve resorted to DIYing mine from a block of sponge. Doesn’t take too long at all!
  13. KinsKicks

    Help Adopted Betta Health Questions

    Hello! Congrats on saving the cutie! As for your questions 1) the tail had definitely rotted down; judging by the spread of thetail and the length of the other fins, it should be much bigger. However, concerning its previous care, the rotting of the tail is no surprises. Lots of water changes...
  14. KinsKicks

    Question Breeding For Profit Tank

    Wild Bettas usually aren't the best choice for those who haven't bred for too long; they are different to work with than the typical domesticated better we're used to. And anywho, betta breeding will usually require a lot more equipment later on (ie: additional holding tanks for individuals or...
  15. KinsKicks

    First Saltwater Tank. :)

    Welcome to being salty . And definitely agree about getting some sort of flow going. It will help with stagnant areas and encourage the aerobic bacteria to grow with good oxygen circulation.
  16. KinsKicks

    Question Multiple Dwarf Gourami In 39 Gallon Tank?

    Hello! I definitely would not risk it; they can be quite the territorial little guys.
  17. KinsKicks

    Help Sexing Angelfish

    Sometimes; they get along a little bit better than two males, but it really depends on the space you give them and personal temperament. You may actually see two F pair up and lay eggs, but they won’t be fertilized without a male
  18. KinsKicks

    Stella's 20g Long - Freshwater Edition

    Cute! And the name OttoBots is the most clever thing I’ve heard today . I think they need a theme song now haha
  19. KinsKicks

    Anyone Know Where To Buy Fancy Goldfish Online?

    Another option is ebay as well! My friend has gotten some beautiful babies from there; make sure to buy from those woh good reviews
  20. KinsKicks

    Help Coral Id Please

    Turbinaria peltata (Pagoda Cup Coral) . Yours isn’t quite open all the way and may still be adjusting. When they’re well fed and happy, the little “cups” (your polyps) can open up quite wide and beautifully! Sorta like a field of flowers haha. I’d recommend biweekly feedings and you’ll see the...

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