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    Way To Get Female Betta Un Eggbound

    Feeding peas to betta is not a beneficial thing to do. A very outdated practice that was typically used to help them pass a blockage/constipation. It can help at times but it creates more issues in the intestines more often than not. They are made to digest insect proteins, not plant. It's...
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    Help I Don't Know If My Betta Has Fin And Body Rot, Or What.

    I just want to suggest making your own media bags that you rinse out in water change water to save you money from buying cartridges over and over and over. You just need small/medium media bags, filter floss, and ceramic rings and stick them in the HOB where your cartridge would go.
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    Question Is Anyone Having Long Term Success With Petsmart Fish.

    This is why it is rather important to have your own QT system... Never expect a chain store to have one. We are lucky sometimes to even get a break room or a spot in the back stocking area where we can set a table up. Corporate just does not allow space for tanks in the sick rooms, which are...
  4. Young Betta Female

    Young Betta Female

    Picture of a young female betta that I used to have. :)
  5. Young Female Betta

    Young Female Betta

    One of the young female betta that I used to own. Just wanted to share. :)
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    Something Is Wrong With My Oscar's

    I say this every time that I see someone feeds goldfish. Do NOT use these fish as staple feed. They are mass bred, they have nothing in their guts but general store flakes if even and are kept in tanks by the masses. This isn't even the problem aside from having nothing in their gut. They also...
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    Help Identifying Possible Illness In Betta

    He looks fine to me. He is vaguely showing stress/juvenile stripes, but nothing to be concerned over. Ghost shrimp can be a bit of a jerk to keep with long finned fish, however. They have been known to hitch rides on the smaller fish and even nip on the longer fins. Not sure if this is happening...
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    Help Accidentally Fed Betta Pea Wrong!

    Do not feed betta peas, they are insectivorous/carnivorous and are made for those proteins. they will pass the pea through but it can cause another blockage/issue with the plant fiber and proteins. Daphnia is a much more natural solution for them to help them pass blockages. You can also fast...
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    Help What Is Wrong With This Honey Gourami? Can Anyone Help?

    Check to make sure he doesn't have any body lice or anything like that, or parasites in general. Make sure fecals are good, parameters are good and that the tank he came from is similar in parameters to the tank he went to. If there was a swing in anything he could be in a bit of shock and needs...
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    Question Is Anyone Having Long Term Success With Petsmart Fish.

    I have worked at many pet stores. I have received much fish. They get shipped much like how breeders ship them out, the Petco that I worked at as well as a few others got their betta from Korea and other fish from overseas, much like you would online for many fish as some species are just not in...
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    29 Gallon Tank Overstocked?

    I highly suggest rethinking the kind of fish in here. Some of the temperature differences already noted lol. Betta and gourami are in the same family so having them in the same tank together is not really the best of ideas. Guppies are hit or miss with the betta, honestly depends on the fish...
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    Is This 14 Gallon Tank Overstocked?

    Just keep an eye on the frogs, as they may go after the shrimp since these guys have poor eyesight and will lunge after something in front of them if it moves and they think it's food. They also do better if they have their own dish to eat from that is contrasted/bright against the tank.
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    Will My 20 Gallon Tank Be Overstocked?

    Be careful with the crab and anything that dwells or spends any time on the bottom or within its reach. The molly and platy can cross breed, so careful in getting two of the same gender as well. The females can also hold sperm up to 90-ish days so you can still get surprise fry, they can also...
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    Intro And A Question!

    This does look like a female BN, they need roughly 30USG. Here is a picture of a pair, the males have the 'bristles' They're actually ancistrus but still called plecos lol.
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    Question Is Anyone Having Long Term Success With Petsmart Fish.

    Guppies have a disease much like neon tetra that has no real signs where they just drop off. Some live on, some don't. I wouldn't feel too bad over it, though it does suck to lose a fish no matter what. There is nothing inherently wrong with getting fish from big chain stores, some are quite...
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    Question Are Those Eggs?

    Correct, once they start populating they are harder to control. This is one of the reasons I QT plants Some like them, most don't. I didn't mind when I had inhabitants that ate them and helped curb them. They can damage filters by getting into the impeller area tho and things like that. Same...
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    Help New Betta Has A Bump On Head And Popeye

    There are some other things that you can use for your tank if they are in your area! Alder Cones Almond Apple Apricot Ash Banana Beech Breadfruit Tree Cherry English Oak European Beech Grapevine Leaves Guava Hawthorn Hazel Hibiscus Hornbeam Indian Almond Leaves (aka Catappa, Ketapang)...
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    Lost A Little Neon Tetra - Exploded Belly

    So whenever I talk to any clients about food/feeding I ensure they find good quality food, and I walk them through in the basics of feeding briefly. With the powder, it's a bit more tricky but what I typically do is get a toothpick and dip it in the water, then powder, then back into their...
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    Question Is This Too Much For A 27g?

    I've also seen ghost/whisker shrimp go after smaller fish, like betta, and nip on their fins. As far as filtration goes, I would not go with Tetra brand. Their equipment is rather poorly made just as their food is. I also suggest making your own media bags if you can, too.
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    Too Much? Too Little?

    Tank stock is more than just bioload, it's footprint as well. Preferably this is a 20 long and not just a regular 20, or 20 high. The cory is wonderful active bottom feeders so they really need that footprint to do their foraging and activities. The other fish are highly active schoolers so they...

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