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    Should I Continue Going To My Lfs?

    That decision is all yours - it will depend on what other options are around. Where I live, I can be at ten different stores within 45 minutes' drive. So if I don't like one, I can switch. But if all you have is a petwhatever and one lfs, that lfs remains a good resource.
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    Will Prazipro Work For Ich?

    Meds take some looking into, for fish as with humans. Ich is not a worm, so prazi will have no effect. The herbal anti-Ich med gives no ingredients, so I would never use it. I don't every trust secret ingredients when there are tried, true and transparently presented products out there. A mild...
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    Guppies Keep Having Babies

    Gadfly - I see your point, but we can also see different behaviors inside those glass boxes, if we plan them right. You can see guppies being splashes of colour, and you can see behavior not much different than what I've seen watching livebearers in the wild. I'll take interesting behavior every...
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    Guppies Keep Having Babies

    The 15 you have will become good fry predators. Young eat younger. You could always get a fry predator - there are many. Bettas, most tetras, barbs - all control population easily and largely without being noticed.
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    Help! Goldfish In Box For Days...

    Concentrated ammonia, urine and feces, parasites the fish has managed to fight off, bacteria that fish has resistance to but your others don't, shipping chemicals, colour enhancing hormones and antibiotics from the farm... No shipping water except that which is on the fishes' skin ever gets into...
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    Guppies Keep Having Babies

    That's what guppies do best. You have a platy in there. Cut back on feeding so much, and you will find they manage their own numbers well. Livebearers will eat each other's fry. You shouldn't separate the sexes. It is common advice here, but it doesn't respect the natural behavior of the fish...
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    Deformed Killis

    If the curvature developed with time, with that species, I would euthanize the fish asap. For some reason, that species, lineatus, seems very prone to Mycobacter marinum - fish tuberculosis. It is an incurable, communicable bacterial disease. The fish will develop cysts to encase the bacteria...
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    Are These Even Compatible? Neglected Tank Help.

    Your tank is thoroughly cycled. The process doesn't matter - you have the result. It's why I suggested if you run a new filter, you keep the old one kind of dirty for a few weeks - you need the bacteria in there to seed the new one and make it effective. As water evaporates, the minerals in it...
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    Fundulopanchax Gardneri ‘innidere’

    I would be glad to help. I don't have Innidere like Jocelyn, but rather the Makurdi population. These labels aren't snooty as they may look - gardneri and nigerianus are a group of isolated fish that don't meet in nature anymore, and have begun to evolve some differences. The colour forms are...
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    Holiday Food

    When i go away, I add handfuls of floating plants. Fry eat the micro-organisms on them and do just fine if you are away for less then 8-9 days. Holiday blocks invariably pollute the water here, and cause many more problems than they solve.
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    Bloodworms Farm

    Look for whiteworms. They are easy to culture, and good nutrition if kept to twice a week (fat content).
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    How Much Water Do You Change?

    A lot depends on the tank. Size, inhabitants etc matter greatly. A fry growout getting heavy feeding can get 50% twice a week. An ordinary non breeding tank with reasonable stocking gets 30% every week to ten days. My killie tanks get 30% every two weeks, as they don't like water changes (but...
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    Are These Even Compatible? Neglected Tank Help.

    Reading some of the advice above, some people didn't read your detailed and well presented message. There was a lot of information in your message for a good reason, clearly. Not bothering to understand the question's the curse of fish forums. So forget the predictable rehoming advice and the...
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    Jewel Cichlid Babies

    Hurrah! Uh oh. I have bred jewels of several species, and finding homes for the babies is almost impossible. So that raises ethical issues. You can feed finely crushed flake, and leave them with the parents for 3-5 weeks. They will kill any other fish in the tank once they have fry, and while...
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    Cycling A 2.5 Gallon Tank??

    I would give up and buy a proper tank. You can use most of the equipment. You might be able to get the tank to the magic numbers on the API kit, but it's highly unlikely you will be able to keep it there. 2.5s are good for baby fish in the first 2 weeks of their lives, for holding spare...
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    Apistogramma Tank Size

    Apistogramma borelli is the only one I would consider in a 10 gallon. None of the others.
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    Daily Water Changes-yes Or No?

    It looks like you have decent lighting. If I can make a suggestion (it's easy to spend other people's money), consider some low light plants to help with the wastes. Cryptocorynes, java ferns - plants like that. Floating hornwort or guppy grass (najas) would also filter for you. I don't think...
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    Daily Water Changes-yes Or No?

    This is the kind of thoughtless advice you should avoid, because it is a person with a pet idea who is not trying to give you advice tailored to your problems. Choose your advisors based on whether they seem to have read what you are asking, and avoid this stuff. This person has a very specific...
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    Will Rainbow Shark Bother Albino Cory Catfish?

    That's bad advice of the week. If the rainbow shark dies a few days after you get it, no. If it lives,it will get more and more territorial as it ages. If you are lucky, it will only bother the Corys. It can also kill them. This thread should be picked up in a pair of tweezers and preserved in...
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    How To Discipline A Fish?

    The Discus is behaving naturally. It does not care if you exist. You can't influence its behavior in any way. When a fish doesn't behave in the ways you want it to, don't think you can punish it or give it a time out. If you do so, you are simply torturing it by creating stress. You can't...

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