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  1. maggie thecat

    Need Advice: African Dwarf Frog Lump

    Did it come up suddenly? My first impression is an abscess due to an injury. If that's the case, it may resolve on its own. In furred animals, it's normal treatment to clean the burst abscess out with a disinfectant and then treat with an antibiotic. You would need to consult a herp vet to see...
  2. maggie thecat

    I'm New

    Just click the blue green link above.
  3. maggie thecat

    Help What’s Wrong With This Goldfish?

    Granted the perspective from a photograph isn't always reliable, but from here the scales appear lifted, and "scales falling off" is also a symptom. I would take a safe than sorry approach. Pineconing = organ failure, which often is followed by a dead fish.
  4. maggie thecat

    Help What’s Wrong With This Goldfish?

    It looks like dropsy. That isn't a good thing. If other fish have exhibited the same symptoms, I would suspect a water quality issue. Immediate treatment with antibiotics and Epsom salt would be the path to follow. Unfortunately dropsy is a common topic. A thread search will bring up lots of...
  5. maggie thecat

    I'm New

    Hi! The board is divided into subforums for ease of use. There is a snail forum you may find of interest. Snails - Aquarium Fish Forum
  6. maggie thecat

    Oyster Shells For Snails?

    If you're buying them for your chickens then there is little harm in dropping a few pellets in your enclosure for your snails to sample. But if not, cuttlebones take up less storage space in a cupboard. As do generic brand calcium tablets, for that matter.
  7. maggie thecat

    Question Nerite Snail

    Nerite snails eat algae and biofilm, but they do occasionally eat plant based foods too. Size depends largely on the variety, but dime sized is a reasonable expectation. They generally live 1 to 2 years. If they're digging, they may be hunting for food. Try dropping an algae tablet in to the...
  8. maggie thecat

    Dojo Loaches

    I think I used the 2 cup size. But honestly, given how much dojos like to wallow and dig in sand, any container that fits your tank will be fine. I mean I have a sand substrate tank and they used them just for a change of pace.
  9. maggie thecat

    Dojo Loaches

    A couple of inches? I had some Pyrex bowls with lids I modified to use as egg traps. Eventually, I ditched the lids and left the mossball containing bowls in place. The dojos thought they were great.
  10. maggie thecat

    Betta Fish Is Sick - Help!

    Fresh/frozen food is always preferable to freeze dried, which can contribute to bloat. Could the black gunge be charcoal dust residue? Or is it just mulm? Either way, it sounds like you are doing all you can. If it's a stress reaction, time and peace and quiet (consider leaving the lights off...
  11. maggie thecat

    Help Swordtail Lymphocystis

    Dr Google says that it's a common viral infection. There's not a lot to be done for it. It's ugly, but not lethal. Source: Viral Infection (Lymphocystis) in Fish | petMD
  12. maggie thecat

    Fry Rearing Idea

    Best of luck! That sounds like quite the project!
  13. maggie thecat

    Dojo Loaches

    Glass bowls work great. My dojos use the ones kept in my tank.
  14. maggie thecat

    Guppy Help

    Clean water. Lots of clean water. Do a large water change. Use conditioner. Get that new tank asap!
  15. maggie thecat

    Fry Rearing Idea

    What sort of fish do you plan to breed? Many people have temperate to tropical fish in their outdoor ponds so that's not an issue. They generally add supplemental heat or bring the fish in during colder months weather depending. I used to raise microworms in a jar on my office counter without...
  16. maggie thecat

    Guppy Help

    Okay, that isn't a tank, it's a fish bowl and I'm counting 7 fish in it. (edit missed your inventory reply. 9 fish, then.) It holds about 2 1/2 gallons of water. There is no active filtration, not even from live plants. I am guessing from your reply that you change the water once a week...
  17. maggie thecat

    Guppy Help

    Please tell us more about your tank. Is it cycled or are you doing a fish in cycle. How big is it? Are there other fish? How many? What kind? Have you checked your water chemistry? What are the readings? More information is critical to working out what the problem is.
  18. maggie thecat

    New Guppy Boy, Hes Pink?

    Berry Pretty!
  19. maggie thecat

    Bio Orbs!? Shrimp?

    I have my shrimp in a big standard 29 gallon tank. Lots of room for naturalistic decor and plants. The shrimp love it.
  20. maggie thecat

    Cycle Outside Of The Filter

    Things have been re-arranged since the last time I looked (I've been off the forum for a while) but if you can seed a sponge filter in four weeks... Thing is, the tank is cycled. Short of taking everything out and bleaching all the surfaces, that isn't going to change. You are going to lose...

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