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    How Do I Get Rid Of Green Hair Algae?

    Buy something to eat it like a turbo snails
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    How Long Can I Leave Saltwater Sitting Out?

    I really doubt you’ll have a issue be sure to check your salinity for evaporations I bought a 55 gal drum I have going constantly mixes all week do water change then top back off
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    Half Year Update. Pretty Bad Algae Problem

    Up the water change add the snails and test your levels you’ll be fine
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    Half Year Update. Pretty Bad Algae Problem

    Green nerite snails will take care of the algae throw about 15 in and you’ll be golden
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    Question Fry Destroyers???

    The parents will probably do the job by themselves unless your heavily planted
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    Converting 20g Freshwater To Saltwater

    Clean the tank add live sand between 10-20lbs and live rock around 15lb wether you want to start with live or base. then how do you get your saltwater such a small tank a lot Just choose to buy it from lfs with a tank this size around $1 a gallon with around 4-5 gallon weekly change then get a...
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    Help !fish Overnight Emergency!

    I think PetSmart has the 5 gallon tank starter kits on sale for like 20 it’s not a bad idea to have one for a quarantine tank
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    Help !fish Overnight Emergency!

    They’ll probably be fine do you have a air stone or anything? Don’t feed them either
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    Free Clownloaches

    Sorry I got a home for them locally
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    Question What Now? 25 Baby Plecos

    Find someone with a pond
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    Do Chain Pet Stores Make Money On Fish.

    do pet smart and Petco make money selling fish? They’ll sale you a $3 fish give you a 30 day guarantee say nothing about the nitrogen cycle and it dies and they replace it. If you think about once the fish attendant cashier etc spends 15-20 min with you they probably have more in labor than the...
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    Converting To Ro/di

    I always thought it was a bad idea because the fish need the minerals in the water that you’ll be removing
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    Question Do Many People Not Know About The Nitrogen Cycle?

    A lot of people I know believe you buy 2 tanks and move them over once a month while you scrub the old tank with bleach. These people also successfully kept there Oscar in 20g tanks. When I started I had no idea I bought 1 tiger barb and a .5 gallon bowl designed for Bettas. By the end of the...
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    Question Aqueon 20 Gallon Tank, Is It Really?

    Measure length x width x height x 7.5 is anything in the tank besides water?
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    Stocking Ideas

    With tigerbarbs I’ll probably go with all the same
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    Stocking Ideas

    hi I’m doing my first planted tank. And was looking for stocking ideas. It is a 29gallon with gravel currently with no fish currently but I have a cycled filter I will move over once my old stock has been rehomed. I was thinking a species tank with tiger barbs could be cool. But maybe there is a...
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    Should I Worry

    The trigger and puffer is maybe 2in and said to be slow growers so I believe I have a bit before I have a issue. The chromis are beautiful but they are mainly to fill out the tank till the other 3 start putting on size. All seem to be doing great even eating now even the trigger who was...
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    Want To Sell Feeder Snails!

    I’ll take the ram horn/ bladder snails give me your payment info
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    Should I Worry

    Hi I bought some new fish to go in my 135 with my maroon clown from A dog face puffer Picasso trigger firefish goby and 6 green chromis. The Picasso came in looking dead but per there instructions I acclimated him and he was alive though floating very close to the top on his...
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    Question Bristleworm Filter Media

    I’d scrap the filter media but in all honesty I’d suggest not worrying about bristle worms

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