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  1. Coptapia

    Bgk Fans Only

    Interesting although I’m thinking maybe the log was getting a bit small? It’s just not like them to prefer a cave. They also like to have room to roll over. They often sleep upside down...
  2. Coptapia

    One Eyed Fish

    No real special needs. Just make sure it gets enough to eat, it’s a little on the thin side. If there’s aggression or dominance from the other fish it might stay near the glass to protect its blind side. If there’s none of that I wouldn’t worry about it...
  3. Coptapia

    Hello! Slight Newbie Here (question About A Baby Fish That Appeared In My Tank Too)

    Its a young Diamond Tetra... as you already know.
  4. Coptapia

    Current Stock: Full Or Can I Add?

    Agreed. All shoaling species should be in groups of at least 5-6. Also why do you want to stock to full capacity and create higher risk and more work.... (not to mention less room for the fish).
  5. Coptapia

    Bgk Fans Only

    There’s no possible way of knowing that. It will use it all the time if it’s all there is, but in nature they favour hollowed out tree branches.
  6. Coptapia

    Bgk Fans Only

    My last one was 16”, in a 6ft x 2ft 180g. They’re not a very bendy fish and it couldn’t turn round without doing a three-point turn. The tank was too small, imo. Incidentally they much prefer a pipe to a cave. I use sections of guttering downspout.
  7. Coptapia

    Could These Be Eggs?! I Only Have A Single Cory Fish In My Tank ...

    No. Cory eggs are white, and scattered individually all over the tank, not placed all in one place together.
  8. Coptapia

    Question Do Bumblebee Catfish And Red Tail Sharks Get Along?

    The Asian ones (Pseudomystus) grow to about 6” max, so they’re physically incapable of eating a Red Tailed Shark. The thing is they’re nocturnal, so could be damaging the shark in the dark when it’s helpless, especially if it’s hungry. How big is the tank?
  9. Coptapia

    Id This Fish

    Terapon jarbua.
  10. Coptapia

    Unknown Loach

    “Although recognition of individual species has usually not been difficult for field workers, a substantial number of secondary publications (aquarium literature, etc.) gives the impression of a rather chaotic systematics. We believe that this is mostly due to a lack of familiarity with the...
  11. Coptapia

    Question What Kind Of Fish Is This???

    Hybrid tilapia as said. I can see signs of Oreochromis and Coptodon in it, imo.
  12. Coptapia

    Help Can Anyone Id This?

    The only two Tanganyikan Synos with white dorsal and pectoral spines are S. lucipinnis and S. petricola. I’d assume this one is lucipinnis because of the random nature of the spots...
  13. Coptapia

    Tank Mates For Pink Tailed Chalceus

    It’s a bit big and powerful for Angels. I’d stick with more ‘robust’ fish... Chalceus macrolepidotus (Pink-tailed Chalceus)
  14. Coptapia

    Important When Do Frozen Bloodworms Become Too Old?

    If bloodworms are anything but vivid bright red, do not feed them... and once they’re thawed I wouldn’t refreeze them. When I have the big blocks I just break some off as required... or break it up into smaller bits.
  15. Coptapia

    Question At What Age Can You Sex A Pleco?

    You’d need to check it’s genitals... Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps • Loricariidae • Cat-eLog -
  16. Coptapia

    Help Treating Camallanus

  17. Coptapia

    Species Of Cory?

    C. trilineatus.
  18. Coptapia

    Identifying Fish

    Agree, definitely not Buenos Aires.
  19. Coptapia

    Question At What Age Can You Sex A Pleco?

    It’s a common. They dig a 3 ft tunnel into the river bank to breed, so they can’t breed in aquaria,
  20. Coptapia

    Help Golden Wonder Killifish?

    Pink Tailed Chalceus, C. macrolepidotus.

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