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  1. emeraldking

    ID and gender

    They're gold dust mollies. No doubts! This could be a late male. Overhere, some males will be that big (very typical) and female shaped (bodywise) and at some point the analfin becomes pointy. Once that starts, it takes longer to develop a fully developed gonopodium in comparison to a smaller...
  2. emeraldking

    Guppy is it female or male?

    That's a good idea to use a divider when you don't have a spare tank. And yes, as already been mentioned, it's definitely a male.
  3. emeraldking

    Guppy is it female or male?

    Looks like a male to me. But yes, as already ben mentioned overhere before: males can chase other males as well.
  4. emeraldking

    Limia tridens eating from an adhesive algae food tablet

    Just made a short video of some of my Limia tridens (Tiburon limia) while given them an adhesive algae food tablet. Alway fun to watch them trying to get a piece of a food tablet.
  5. emeraldking

    Unique Scarlet Endler

    Hi, all three are red scarlet endlers. But before I'll go on, you must know that a red scarlet endler (also known as chili endler) is already a hybrid strain. It's not a genuine endler but a hybrid strain to start with. Yes, the tail part is just a trait that comes from the guppy. It's got...
  6. emeraldking

    Female Dalmation Molly VERY Swollen and Swimming Tail-Up - HELP PLEASE!

    The position refers more to a swim bladder problem. Not sure if she's really pregnant. She could be but I'm not sure in this case. Even fluid could be in there instead of fry.
  7. emeraldking

    Pregnant Guppy!

    First impression → she might be pregnant. Maybe a picture from a different angle could give more clarity. Sometimes it may take a bit longer before a guppy female will give birth. An average is 3-4 weeks as a guppy gestation period, but some may take 6-8 weeks. Happens overhere as well.
  8. emeraldking

    My mollies

    Well, here are some pictures of the chocolate mollies... And here some with red eyes... Overhere a red eyed juvenile male... Overhere an adult red eyed female... Eventhough the chocolate mollies are a fancy strain, within the commercial trade you won't find them that often. Overhere a...
  9. emeraldking

    Blue Grass Guppy’s

    How about Ebay?
  10. emeraldking

    Short Vid Of My Limia Nigrofasciata And Poecilia Chica

    There are some more limia strains (so, not all) that have those stripes as well... :)
  11. emeraldking

    Funny I Think My Black Mollies Love Their Daddy?

    In general a combination of angels and tetras should be okay. But give both species space in the tank. A combination of these two makes the tetras shoal more. Especially, when angels are put in at a young age, they'll get so used to smaller tank mates. But space is more of importance. Smaller...
  12. emeraldking

    New Guppy Boy, Hes Pink?

    Oh yes, even female offspring from a purchased female is good. They'll be clean to start with. So, you can be sure, that he'll be the father of the new offspring. Like I've already mentioned, the color magenta is quite dominant. So, if that's the trait you'd like to pass on, there's a pretty...
  13. emeraldking

    New Guppy Boy, Hes Pink?

    That's always a good option to use the female fry and crossbreed them to the father. It really depends on what triat you'd like to pass on to the further generations to make an adequate choice of females to be used.
  14. emeraldking

    New Guppy Boy, Hes Pink?

    And this is a platinum velvet halfblack magenta guppy. No magenta will shine through his platinum colored chest.
  15. emeraldking

    New Mollies, What Kind

    Well the name "Leopard" is used for gold dust mollies and panda mollies with a distorted pattern of black blotches on the gold or blonde base color.
  16. emeraldking

    New Guppy Boy, Hes Pink?

    I believe that the shape of his tail is just his shape and not ripped up. Looking at the last picture in your reply, it's most likely that he carries the störzbach gene. This is also a dominant gene. Could be interesting for future generations. Because it does show some magenta (what may look...
  17. emeraldking

    New Guppy Boy, Hes Pink?

    He's officially a magenta guppy (looks like pink and purple). Because of the light refelection it's hard to tell if he's also platinum or störzbach. Breeding him to a clean (= female that isn't storing sperm packages of a former mating) female, the magenta coloration will be dominant in most...
  18. emeraldking

    New Mollies, What Kind

    The male could be a leopard or a calico molly and the female is a socalled saffron white belly molly. When it comes to the male it's a bit tricky because of the black spots wether it's a calico or a leopard. He's just a specimen that's just in the middle of these two. Both colors are regulars in...
  19. emeraldking

    Weird Question About Amorous Male Guppy-omg

    Guppies can mate with a small number of related livebearers where the genitals are compatible with. Otherwise, no mating will take place. A male chasing a female doesn't mean that they are mating. Even if such a male is sticking his gonopodium forward. Again, as long as the genitals are not...
  20. emeraldking

    Question Do Livebearers Develop Eggs Without A Male?

    Well, ovoviviparous livebearer females don't need a male to develop eggs. That's just nature. It's not actually the difference between genera but guppies and platies can't hybridize because the genitals are just not compatible. A male of the other species may chase a female of another kind the...

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