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  1. aniroc

    Is that nitrate ?

    The nitrates (NO3) are a source of nitrogen (N) for plants. Not the best one, but the next best. Ammonia (NH3) or better yet-Ammonium (NH4+) is even better. It is said that plants will need to convert nitrates to ammonia to be absorbed or that ammonia is absorbed through the leaves and nitrates...
  2. aniroc

    Question Anyone have trouble with pest snails eating Anubias?

    Hi Ladyglo! You said the snails came with the fish? How's that? The Nerites are pretty good at eating algae, malaysian trumpet snails are fine for aerating the substrate, bladder snails are a bit of a nuisance and ramshorns are unsightly. Other than that, no one will eat Anubias.
  3. aniroc

    Co2 Diffusing Idea

    I am not sure that a gang valve will work to split pressure...Few years back, when I was hatching brine shrimp eggs, I tried to split the airline into two hatching bottles so I can use only one air pump. To my surprise, only one line was bubbling. I tried to make the two tubes equal, water level...
  4. aniroc

    Fluval Or Tropica Disposable Co2

    I would go with Fluvan 88g as you will quickly realize that disposable canisters are very expensive ($15 each and last about 2-3 weeks). You will then upgrade to a paintball canister ($ 60 something at Canadian Tire for a 24 oz=680 grams) that costs $15 to refill but lasts 2-3 months. You will...
  5. aniroc

    H2o2 Cheap

    There is no 100% H2O2. I believe that 35% is max. You'll find it only in chemical labs. In pharmacies, the one in "first aid" section is 3% (10 volumes). You can also find 6% used to bleach hair. A 12% (that must be diluted) is available also.
  6. aniroc

    Amazon Sword Seeds?

    Echinodorus flower has three petals. My avatar is a flower of an Ozelot sword. I've never seen seeds and I can tell you that the flower does not last more than a day or two.
  7. aniroc

    Filling A C02 Cylinder (pressure / Weight)

    @Nick72 You are assuming that 1 liter CO2 weights approx 1 Kg as if the density is 1 gram per mililiter. Not true. It depends on the pressure. As a fact, at 14C and 725 psi, liquid CO2 has a density of 827 g/L which is lower than water. Indeed, a full cylinder has 1000psi. A half full...
  8. aniroc

    Question Plants Deficient?

    ...or just pull them up a bit, roots can go into the substrate but the rhizome should see the light.
  9. aniroc

    Question Plants Deficient?

    They are probably light deficient... Anubias and Java fern can tolerate low light but both have their rhizome buried which will eventually kill the plant.
  10. aniroc

    Does Purigen Remove Flourish?

    So much misinformation by Seachem admin and so confusing: One answer states " Flourish line of products are designed to be rapidly taken up and utilized by the plants" while another Admin answer few posts later: "Flourish comprehensive and Flourish trace....these types of nutrients do not get...
  11. aniroc

    Potassium Carbonate

    I've used potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3) for my planted tanks with fish, based on a Aquavitro product named "KH carbonate for plants- raises carbonate hardness KH, increases potassium". I inject CO2 and I was concerned about fluctuating pH, therefore I decide to increase my KH while adding K for...
  12. aniroc

    Nilocg Shipping Internationally?

    Try to remove Potassium nitrate (or any nitrates) from your order
  13. aniroc

    What Plant Is This?

    Alternanthera with flowers (the one that look like fungus/disease) that proves above water growth. Difficult plant for me.
  14. aniroc

    Diy Co2 Diffuser Options

    How much gas (CO2) would you say it gets dissolved into the tank water? How large is your pop bottle?
  15. aniroc

    How To Mix Dry Fertilizer?

    This is how I do: I have a plastic teaspoon to measure about 2.5 grams- half a teaspoonful for a 75 gallon tank- using my uncalibrated eye. Dump it in the tank. Fish will run and try to eat it. It's not for's for my plants....they understand...
  16. aniroc

    Can I Run Co2 At Night?

    I am too leaving for 10 days and checked my CO2. I will stop it. Drop checkers are yellow (don't know why, didn't do anything different, I am guessing that some CO2 bubbles are entering the drop's airspace) and my lights with build in timer, sometimes do not turn off, other times do not turn...
  17. aniroc

    Cartridge Or Tank? 300l/80g Tank

    I've tried the 88g disposable cartridge. It lasted about 2 weeks on a 75 gallon (300 liter) tank. One 88 gram cartridge costs more than CO2 refill on 24 oz (680 grams) paintball cylinder. Sure, you need a paintball cylinder (around $50 where I live) but the CO2 lasts 2-3 months. If you buy the...
  18. aniroc

    Finding The Perfect Balance In A Planted Tank

    Here is my 2 cents: what something is wrong and I don't know what to do, I do a water change! In this way, I reset everything and I buy more time to think about....
  19. aniroc

    Help Me Id This Plant Pls

    I believe the width of the leaf really it depends on the kind of light it receives. I grow tons of Java ferns, I call it narrow leaf (not needle) until I move some in a LED lit deeper tank. Months later, it looks very narrow anymore.
  20. aniroc

    29 Gallon Tank Plant Deficiency Diagnosis ??

    Flourish comp is OK in Iron (and other micronutrients) but not the N-P-K. Since you dose K, that leaves N and P in question. Both N and P are "mobile nutrients", meaning that if they are not available from outside, the plant will draw them from older leaves and still be able to put on new...

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