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  1. Teleost

    My random start screen

    You need to try a recent distro. The only problems I've had with Mint have been using Google products like Picasa (they stopped at version 3.0 or thereabouts) or Google Earth which crashes regularly. I use a proper GIS programme instead.
  2. Teleost

    Okay, I am really confused......

    Protein skimmers will work on FW. The difference is that you normally have other filtration media that deals with large molecule nitrogenous compounds. The quick experiment to illustrate the idea is having a look at the toilet! First thing in the morning, pee directly in the water getting...
  3. Teleost

    My random start screen

    Meh! Linux all the way!
  4. Teleost

    How am I doing so far on my 10G Aquarium/Riparium?

    Looks pretty good so far. Your profile indicates that you don't know the nitrogen cycle. It would be a terrible shame if you did the good work this far and didn't follow through. Read up on it.
  5. Teleost

    Experience Members Advising Newbies

    Good advice. I find being on forums too long can make you get a little short in your replies when you see the same things over and over. I know I can get a little blunt sometimes. When I catch myself doing it, I give myself a time out from the internet for a few days. If we're not making the...
  6. Teleost

    Need help with cycle

    Really shake bottle 2 of the Nitrate test. Not a wimpy shake. Shake it like your life depends on it. Then shake it some more. Now test your Nitrate and get back to us
  7. Teleost

    Buying a 55 Gallon operational tank from a friend

    As long as you keep the media wet, you should be able to maintain the cycle. When you move a whole tank, it's worth keeping a close eye on your water for the first couple of weeks as you can get a mini cycle. If you don't intend on adding fish immediately, you will need a food source for the...
  8. Teleost

    What are these spots?

    I don't know what that is, but it's not eggs. I've seen bruising that looked a bit like that when an electrofisher was turned up a bit high. I'd be keeping the fish in QT for a long time.
  9. Teleost

    Is it cruel to keep fish in opaque tank?

    There's not many glass tanks used in aquaculture. They're all opaque fibreglass or plastic. I have to agree with April. It's probably kinder to keep them in an opaque tank.
  10. Teleost

    Maynard, the axolotl

    There's nothing to stop you using a light. Grow some duckweed or similar to provide filtered light as well as hiding places and they'll be fine Keep an eye one them when they grow. They can get cranky when they have to share their space.
  11. Teleost

    Why are my glowlights shaking?

    I agree. They look happy, healthy and behaving normally to me.
  12. Teleost

    where can you buy ro water?

    Water store I have the distinct feeling you're not joking though. Please tell me this is not a real thing.
  13. Teleost

    Are carrots good for Bristlenose Plecos?

    Cumbersome? Do you mean cucumber? There shouldn't be a problem with carrot. Make sure you remove any uneaten food before it can cause problems with water quality and you should be good.
  14. Teleost

    Question how to clean/disenfect/sanitize/quaratine petsmart anacharis live plant?

    I eventually just learned to accept snails. They're a normal part of the ecosystem after all. But then I have fish that think a juicy young snail is the perfect snack so they're kept very much under control.
  15. Teleost

    Ack! Swarms of mosquitos!

    Now you have free food! Rinse the wrigglers well first and watch the feeding frenzy But yeah, get rid of it ASAP. Mozzies around the house are bad news.
  16. Teleost

    How do I clean this?

    Scourer - like you wash your dishes with. Some people use them as filter media. Edit: Like these...
  17. Teleost

    Lowering my tank PH

    I agree with all the above. Unless you're attempting to breed fish that need a low pH, you're just going to make things difficult for yourself and stressful for your fish. If they've been happy for the past two years, don't worry about it. There are ways to lower your pH safely and naturally...
  18. Teleost

    How do I clean this?

    What else is in it? It's only a small tank. If there's nothing special (which is how I read your OP), break it down and start again. Your filter media will be fine for a few hours as long as it's kept wet. Your snails will survive fine in a bucket. Otherwise, remove any driftwood/ornaments for...
  19. Teleost

    Crazy idea: 5 gallon sump/refug. for 10 gallon.

    I have built this overflow. It doesn't work reliably enough for me. The bottom T piece needs to be much higher to maintain the siphon when the power is out. As to the sump thing. Your tank is too small to make it an economically viable option. Do it for fun and the learning experience, but for...
  20. Teleost

    PetSmart: Behind the Fish Wall

    Thank you for a very informative post. While it's very good, please tell me you got permission to post this stuff. Most companies would see this as a fairly serious breach of employment conditions. I can think of a number where this would get you fired and I'd hate to see that happen.

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