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  1. chromedome52

    20 Gallon Tank Wimple Piranha Care

    I don't think a 20 gallon tank would be large enough for one, and they are too nervous when kept alone. Wimples are scale eaters, and can get picky about food. They will get the scales off of even fairly fast species. I had two with a trio of large Rainbowfish, and the Rainbows were denuded...
  2. chromedome52

    ID and gender

    They're Mollies, Platies have a shorter snout and a rounder caudal fin. Gold Dust is a fairly common variety for Mollies. As for sexes, at first glance I would have said male, but a closer look suggests females with stunted analfins, not gonopodiums. Could have something to do with the large...
  3. chromedome52

    Cardinal tetra lifespan

    Neons naturally live at lower temperatures, preferring the low 70s F, while Cardinals live in the 80s. The cooler temps slow their metabolism, allowing them to live longer lives. Unfortunately, you can't just lower the temperatures on the Cardinals, as they start having health problems when you...
  4. chromedome52


    The pectoral fins in CB's photos are quite visible, and the eye has a distinct outline, so are you saying that the friend's fish apparently has no pectoral fins, and no eye? The background is well lit, but there is no front lighting on the fish. The same thing can happen when you have auto...
  5. chromedome52

    Question Algae ID please?

    Those are Hydra, not algae. They feed on microorganisms, which tend to abound in shrimp tanks because there are no fish eating them. Eradication is difficult in your situation because the meds to kill the Hydra will also kill the shrimp and snails.
  6. chromedome52

    Important HELP! tetras laying eggs??

    You just introduced the fish to the tank, and the eggs are sprayed everywhere. More likely you got a heavy female, and the change of environment caused her to release her eggs. It is sort of an egglayer miscarriage, who knows how long she's been carrying those eggs. All of the eggs I see in the...
  7. chromedome52


    While I am sure that is a nice black fish, I think most of the darkness is due to poor lighting for the photograph. Even a dark fish would have details like an eye and gill cover.
  8. chromedome52

    Question What fish is this?

    It is a young "Tilapia", they often get into feeder fish ponds. They are raised as food fish world wide, but have established populations all over from escaped fish. It wlll likely grow quite large, perhaps a foot in length.
  9. chromedome52

    Fish ID

    Yes. This is another fairly available species, with some color variation, but yours is pretty common.
  10. chromedome52

    Fish ID

    Boesemani have white edges to the unpaired fins, this fish has black. It is a Melanotaenia parkinsoni.
  11. chromedome52

    What fish is this?

    They are OB Zebras, which is where the Peacocks got their OB patterns through hybridization. I can never remember which Metriaclima species has the OB that looks like these, but I think they are from M. estherae.
  12. chromedome52

    Recommendations on growing out Angelfish fry???

    I would not move them from the small tank until they have the shape of an angelfish. Usually that's about 1/8 of an inch. At that size they will be more capable of swimming and pursuing/foraging for food. If you put them into too large a tank, they will have trouble finding enough food. The...
  13. chromedome52

    Apistogramma viejita

    Oh, I wasn't suggesting that they didn't look like viejita. I have looked at photos of both, read Mike's analysis explaining the differences, went back and still couldn't tell them apart. I was just pointing out that a lot of commercially available macs are often sold as viejita, but it sounds...
  14. chromedome52

    So, my white worms and my grendal worms came...

    If you saw no worms in the starter culture, then odds are something went wrong before you got them. Maybe the seller forgot to put the worms in, or perhaps they died in transit. If they were shipped during warm weather, white worms would very likely die quickly.
  15. chromedome52

    Help What fish is this?

    Looks like it has two dorsal fins, so that would be a Rainbowfish.
  16. chromedome52

    Aphyosemion splendopleure

    If you've had them over mops for two weeks, you will probably find fry when you go to look for eggs. Most tank raised populations of splendopleure are very tolerant of fry growing up with them. Speaking of populations, which one are these?
  17. chromedome52

    Apistogramma viejita

    Real viejita are not common, and some strains of macmasteri are often mislabeled as viejita. I would post pictures at to get Mike Wise to look at them for ID verification.
  18. chromedome52

    Unique Scarlet Endler

    I think you might want @emeraldking to look at it, too.
  19. chromedome52

    Please help, what kind of fish is this

    It is Mbuna, possibly Metriaclima or Cynotilapia, though I couldn't say what genus for certain. If the fish didn't come with a name and/or location, you just have to treat it as a hybrid. There are so many forms and colors of Mbuna out there that giving a positive ID requires something unique...
  20. chromedome52

    Question What kind of fish is this?

    It is a Rainbowfish, uncertain which one.

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