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  1. MrBryan723

    Undergravel Filtration??

    Read up on the nitrogen cycle if you haven't already started doing that. The info here is pretty simple to understand. Are there any fish in the tank? You might be doing a fish in cycle if this is a new setup and you have fish. The air stone in the tube helps pull water up the tube and the...
  2. MrBryan723

    Undergravel Filtration??

    Can you take a picture? Usually the gravel acts as the filter media so you can't use sand very well. but there are different set ups.
  3. MrBryan723

    Question Still No Luck...

    Bloodworms work well for my rams so hopefully they will work for you. Micro worms or blackworms are ideas too.
  4. MrBryan723

    Question Still No Luck...

    Live foods?
  5. MrBryan723

    125 Litre/33 gallon Stocking.

    A bachelor school might be a bit nippy towards the rasboras. I would say 1 male with 5 females or perhaps 2 males with 5 females if you could.
  6. MrBryan723

    Hello From Texas, Long Time Lurker

    Greetings and welcome from also Texas.
  7. MrBryan723

    Guppy Not Giving Birth

    A bit of salt can help induce. So can a water change. Also they can store sperm, so she might have waited to impregnate herself.
  8. MrBryan723

    Question "mineralizing" Potting Soil

    Removing all the smaller particles from it. Like sediment that won't settle.
  9. MrBryan723

    Question "mineralizing" Potting Soil

    Indeed you can. Organic cat litter(clay) and most other clays are just a bit more diverse. Most people use diatomaceous earth in diatom filters to polish the water. I used pulverized lava rocks in my soil.
  10. MrBryan723

    Need Diy Advice On Caves/tunnels For Larger Fish....

    Acrylic spray paint can change the color and is safe after it dries. A hole saw can cut the side hole cleanly if you have one. Silicon can add decor to it or you can roll it in gravel and silicon or sand etc.
  11. MrBryan723

    Question Bog Terrarium?

    Feeding them can be a pain but they are cool pets. Maybe some gravel on the very bottom to help with drainage and/or use the airline to ensure the substrate stays fairly aerobic.
  12. MrBryan723

    Question Hydra Eradication Advice

    99.9% chance they are elsewhere in the tank as well. What kind of snails do you have? I know badder snails and many others will eat hydra. Hydrogen peroxide is fairly effective and snail safe at proper dosing and also very easy to dose. You just have to turn off your filter during dosing for a...
  13. MrBryan723

    How Close To Cycled Am I?

    Fish food takes an extra step to break down into ammonia so it will generally take longer to start the cycle, usually you add a fair bit and leave it to decompose only adding more once the bacteria colonies that break down the fish food start to proliferate. If you add it daily you can get a...
  14. MrBryan723

    How Close To Cycled Am I?

    I would guess about 30-45 days out. .25 is pretty low to start a cycle so it will take a long time still. And theres a good chance the .25 is a false positive and your tank hasn't started to cycle at all due to there being no ammonia source to start the cycle in the first place.
  15. MrBryan723

    Question Nitrate Test Kits Api Vs Seachem

    Make your own solution. Use potassium nitrate and distilled water. Figure what xx amount of the KNO3 equals xx ppm in a gallon of water and test against that. Aside from that the equipment you would need is very expensive. Like $150 for a simple food grade nitrate detector amd up to several...
  16. MrBryan723

    Question Question About Feeding My Community Tank

    You should blanch it and remove any uneaten portions after a while. Feeding their normal food won't hurt anything but make sure you aren't overfeeding. It shouldn't hurt anything else in the tank.
  17. MrBryan723

    When Will Gbr’s Lay Eggs?

    He's too ugly for her
  18. MrBryan723

    Need Fix For Pest Snails

    They would indeed go after the assassin snails. I would say cut back on feeding them and they will regain interest.
  19. MrBryan723

    Who Needs A Heater When...

    A water hose can pretty quickly thaw your compressor lines.
  20. MrBryan723

    Steven King's It -

    No, they just split the book into 2 movies.

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