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    20 Gallon Tank 22 Gallon Tank

    How big is that Short Bodied FH? Do they stay small?
  2. aae0130

    What Should I Expect?

    I have a 46 gallon full of mbuna. I have lost a few fish and had to cull (rehomed) a few along the way. Since getting the tank to a seemingly overcrowded state I have not lost a fish. They do give small chases and there have been a few lip lock fights but they are usually over quick. I have...
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    New gravel-hungry fish
  4. aae0130

    New Haps / New Hardscape

    I wasn’t aware of Victorian Kribs. I looked it up and there are some stunning varieties. What is the second Victorian that you like?
  5. aae0130

    New Haps / New Hardscape

    Looking good.... A friend has a pair of Kribs that reproduced. Now he is over run with them. The parenting behavior is quite interesting to observe.
  6. aae0130

    Industrial Shelving For Multiple Tanks

    Here’s a link to Aquarium Co op’s video.....
  7. aae0130

    Seachem Prime Vs Others

    If you read the fine print for Prime you will find that you need to use much much more to do anything other than dechlorinate. if you are using it simply to dechlor your water then use what is most economical for you.
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    My Lfs ....this Is Cool!

    Looks like a business with no competitors in your future.
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    Baby Ice Blues...

    Update on the hybrid Green Afra/White Tail Acei fry. There has been a lot of agressive behavior in the fry tank. Plenty of sibling rivalry. 3 are gone now. 2 were just totally decimated by the others. 1 was damaged pretty bad by a siphoning accident. (My fault :mad It was unable to recover. The...
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    Cleaned Off Filter Media

    Just biogunk in the filter. Happens to me every time. Usually clears up in a few hours. My cichlids eat the bits that come out. Won’t change your water parameters as they are already accounted for........
  11. aae0130

    Silicone Grease Or Petroleum Jelly?

    I have been using SL on the seal of my under sink water filter.
  12. aae0130

    Surprised With Sand Substrate?

    Yeah......pick your poison.
  13. aae0130

    Water Conditioner?

    Like Scar said......they all dechlorinate. If my ammonia were to spike I would just do a water change. As far as reducing stress, a water change will do that too. And if no2 or no3 are guessed it. A water change will fix that also.
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    Surprised With Sand Substrate?

    The inert sand is silicate sand. It is “inert” because it doesn’t contribute to the ph, kh, or gh. They grow brown algae and diatoms like nuts. The non-inert sands like arogonite and crushed coral sand do not contribute to the nuisance algae (brown and black) growth. However, they raise hardness...
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    Industrial Shelving For Multiple Tanks

    simply paint the particle board with a water proof paint. Put some vinyl shelf paper on it so the tank doesn’t stick to the paint after sitting for a long time. These industrial shelf kits (or similar) were featured in a video from the Aquarium Co-Op on utube.
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    Help Aquarium Is Starting To Smell, But Parameters Are Good. Please Help!

    a freshwater aquarium without carbon can get a little bit “earthy” smelling but nothing that would emminate in the room. As long as you are not smelling it in the room that contains the aquarium then I wouldn’t fret.
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    The Han’s Experience!

    All these beautiful fish :wideyed: Wow! .....and just to add to the canister discussion. I had one once. There will never be a second time. They become nitrate generators over time because they are such a pain to clean that you end up letting it go too long. HOBs are so easy to clean that...
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    Cichlid Substrate

    When I started my Mbuna tank it had some Nat Geo black substrate in it that was smaller than gravel but bigger than sand. It was originally in there for my gold fish. It was not natural and the color was a coating like most other inert substrates. None the less I left it in there for a couple of...
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    Ph, Gh, Kh Can I Even Keep Fish In This Water?

    I spy a big rock in there. What kind of rock is it? Could bedriving your kh which will keep your ph up.
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    Can I Get A Cichlid Price Check?

    The mbuna will definitely interbreed with each other. Right now I have fry produced by a White Tail Acei (mother) and a Green Afra (father). The babies are cute but have no retail or trade value.

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