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  1. Executionernerner

    Help Problem Panda Tetra

    Also I wanna let you know cories need schools of 6 and the schools need to be of species.
  2. Executionernerner

    Help White Patch On Play's Head

    Then probably a fungus
  3. Executionernerner

    Help Black Molly - Ich Or Fungus? Help!

    Fungus, that's too big for I h
  4. Executionernerner

    15 Gallon Tank Stocking?

    A goby could work
  5. Executionernerner

    Question Blue Eye With White Eye

    What are your parameters? Cloudy eye is normally caused by bad water quality.
  6. Executionernerner

    Help What Disease Is This?

    Fin rot. Salt baths and bettafix and melafix is what to do.
  7. Executionernerner

    What Am I Doing Wrong? Fish Keep Dying.

    It might be a parasite or lice inside the tank.
  8. Executionernerner

    Help Goldfish Getting Red Splotches

    Anything wrong with scales or fins should really be treated with salt baths.
  9. Executionernerner

    Help Strange Acting Tetra

    Probably is swim bladder disorder, although it might be organ problems. Treat for swim bladder disorder, and if it shows no difference, then it's probably organ issues and it won't survive.
  10. Executionernerner

    Platinum Schooling Fish

    You need to be more detailed on the tank dimensions and stuff. Anyway I recommend albino Cory catfish.
  11. Executionernerner

    Seeking Suggestions On A Texas Boitope!

    Most of the beneficial bacteria is in the filtration so you'll still need to cycls
  12. Executionernerner

    Help Fish Missing Scales. Should I Be Worried?

    Nah it's fine, fish lose scales a lot. I recommend salt baths but it should heal on its own without salt baths.
  13. Executionernerner

    Can I Split A 5 Gal In Half With Some Sort Of Divider?

    Yeah should be fine but depends on the plant
  14. Executionernerner

    Goldfish Rises By Tail?

    Swim bladder disorder. Fast for 3 days and then feed frozen peas with no skin.
  15. Executionernerner

    Help Injured Betta

    What are the decorations? What are your water parameters?
  16. Executionernerner

    Help Calcium Deficiency Mystery Snail?

    It might be air bubbles that make him call off the edge
  17. Executionernerner

    Help Worms

    Yes, white stringy poop means parasites. They probably have more.

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