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  1. Mary765

    Guppy Can't Digest Food?

    How long has she been doing this for? And is it only aftrr eating? Try feeding her some de-shelled pea in very small pieces so she can swallow it. This helps to clear their digestive system. Then don't feed her for a day or two (don't worry, they can go a week without food with no repercussions)...
  2. Mary765

    New Here Hi!

    Nope, UK
  3. Mary765

    New Here Hi!

    Hello and welcome to Fishlore! I hope you like it here as much as the rest of us do (I also keep guppies)
  4. Mary765

    Easiest Way To Breed Shrimp?

    @richie.p this sounds like something you should handle.
  5. Mary765

    Bubbles Too Strong?

    Sorry, I'm not a stocking expert. You should probably make a new thread for that question. You could return the pump, or as @Cichlidude said, you can tie a loose knot in the air pipes that lead into the tank, and slowly tighten it until the bubbles flow at a rate you think the fish would like.
  6. Mary765

    Bubbles Too Strong?

    I get that. Good luck, and keep me updated!
  7. Mary765

    Bubbles Too Strong?

    Hm, not as fast as I thought it would be. Maybe a fraction too fast still though. If I were you, I would turn the bubbles down a little until the fish feel more comfortable, then gradually turn it back up again. If you don't have a way to adjust the bubbles, I would leave it for a few days and...
  8. Mary765

    Berried Females Dying.

    Did you drip acclimatise them really really slowly into the tank? I find shrimp to be very fragile creatures to changes in water, but perfectly stable otherwise. When I got my red cherries I found the berried females found the move a lot more stressful than the males did, so I suspect it was...
  9. Mary765

    Is There Something Wrong With My Gourami?

    Mmm I would have commented on the tank stocking but I'm no expert on tanks that size; I tend to stick to smaller tanks. So thanks
  10. Mary765

    Is There Something Wrong With My Gourami?

    I would suggest getting your tank parameters tested. Bad water parameters are usually the cause of symptoms of sickness, especially when there is no obvious disease like ich (even then, secondary diseases can be caused by bad water). Sounds to me like if it started from the gills it might be...
  11. Mary765

    Missing Shrimp

    Hold on, are you saying that none of them are berried now, or that they are all still berried?
  12. Mary765

    Bubbles Too Strong?

    I'd say that's way too strong then. If they stopped swimming they shouldn't move much, if at all. Does your air pump have an airflow dial on it?
  13. Mary765

    Bubbles Too Strong?

    At any point, are they swimming but not moving anywhere? Like can they hover in the water but it looks like they're trying to get somewhere? You can also probably tell by putting your hand in the water. If there's a reasonably strong force from the current spread over a large area, it's probably...
  14. Mary765

    Hello Everyone !

    Hello, and welcome to Fishlore! I think your tank is very pretty
  15. Mary765

    Vacation Problems

    I agree, what fish do you have in there? What species and how many? Whilst we are at it, can we have the tank size too?
  16. Mary765

    Bubbles Too Strong?

    A little too much current in the tank might wear them out. If your Platy and Molly have to actively swim hard against the current to hover in place; it's probably too strong. Most air pumps come with a dial to adjust the flow of bubbles, just turn that down a bit. If not, you can get small metal...
  17. Mary765

    Basic Fish Training

    Hey, that's a cool idea! Training fish not just new things, but to unlearn old habits too! Recently my guppy has become a little more aggressive towards my baby red cherries. I happen to have a pair of long tongs too.. maybe I should try this on him!
  18. Mary765

    I Got A Chicken!!

    How come you can own a chicken but not a rooster? Seems a little unfair
  19. Mary765

    Carbon Filter Used Periodically?

    No problem! Well, I don't know the exact science behind it, but that's how it's advertised, so I'll trust it's sources for now
  20. Mary765

    Freshwater Crabs?

    Ah thank you! I have some shrimp thriving in a 5g right now, so the set up shouldn't be too dissimilar. Thanks

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