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  1. Mims

    What is this brown mess on my plants?

    I have a single, small sized 15 watt bulb, but it does light up the tank pretty bright. It's on from 8am-12, and 1:30-5pm. There is a lot of natural light, but I have window shades, and the tank is set in a bookshelf, so there isn't any direct light.
  2. Mims

    What is this brown mess on my plants?

    10g tank, tested yesterday, nitrates, ammonia, etc is all where it should be. I do weekly water changes of about 30-40% I have 3 ADF and 1 male guppy. What is this ? It's on one side of a wall, and on the driftwood, too. How do I get rid of it?
  3. Mims

    2 different colored shrimp together? Which ones?

    Okay, so a little research later, I was thinking. Golden Bee and Blue Jelly/Blue Velvet/Dream Blue Velvet? (There are so many names for what seems like the same shrimp, possibly) The dream blue seems to be the darkest. Would these 2 species be compatible, PH and Temp wise?
  4. Mims

    2 different colored shrimp together? Which ones?

    Hey guys. I read back over several pages, and tried a search, but didn't come up with much. I'm sure this has been asked multiple times, so forgive me for asking again. I have a 10 gallon tank in my office. I'm going to make it a shrimp tank. I've had RCS before, but it's been a while, and...
  5. Mims

    Pleco in the Filter!!

    If he can get in and out, it's okay, but what about when he grows a little and can possibly get stuck? There is a post in the Pleco section where a lady's pleco got stuck in the filter and died. I would hate for that to happen to you, which is why I mentioned it.
  6. Mims

    Male or Female BN?

    Okay, thanks, y'all!
  7. Mims

    Male or Female BN?

    Or is it too early to tell yet? It's about 1.5 to 2" long, so far. I don't see any nubs yet, but I have no idea how big they get before you start seeing them. I've never owned a pleco before.
  8. Mims

    Suffering fish

    Do they have enough oxygen?
  9. Mims

    What kind of algae, and okay to leave?

    I have a small mag cleaner I bought for this tank, but the tank is acrylic (never buying one again, it is so scratched). Can I use it on acrylic?
  10. Mims

    Are Water Changes Necessary?

    Here's the way I look at it. If I filled up the bathtub, climbed in, and stayed there for even just a couple of weeks, never getting out, and doing my business in there, how clean do you think that water would be? Nasty, even if I added a plant.... That's how it is for your fish.
  11. Mims

    What kind of algae, and okay to leave?

    I recently cleaned out this tank, especially the gravel. I noticed an algae growth on the side of the tank after coming to work on Monday. I've left it there for now, as it doesn't seem to be spreading, other than growing a little longer, and my new baby killifish seem to like pecking thru it...
  12. Mims

    Baby BN pleco growth

    In that case, just put the bucket in there now, and get them used to eating in there. That way it will be easier down the road when you need to catch them.
  13. Mims

    Cucumber slices are a hit !!

    Yay for cucumbers!! Mine finally discovered squash. They went thru a 1/2 inch thick piece in 1 night. It was just the rind left on the morning. Took them forever to like veggies.
  14. Mims

    BN health check

    And there's my happy little pleco!!!
  15. Mims

    algae from outside for otos?

  16. Mims

    BN health check

    Not my BN, but my otos found and love squash! This was a rind by the next morning. Fat little belly (ignore the water spots.)
  17. Mims

    BN health check

    I think mine will be that way eventually, but he's little bitty right now. He stands his ground, though! I finally saw my otos eating spinach. Sorry for the bad picture, but the timer on the tank lights was off for the night.
  18. Mims

    How do I sanitize a tank after my fish dies ? Plus betta Fish Care

    You can also go on Amazon, and order a sponge filter for less than $5. It's perfect for a small tank with just 1 fish. You just attach a airline to it, and off it goes. Also, pick up some Tetra Safe Start (TSS) or Seachem Stability, to help cycle your tank. I have sponge filters in my betta...
  19. Mims

    BN health check

    He found his Hikari pleco wafer last night, and fought off all the other fish trying to taste it, lol. He's grown a little bit, which makes me happy.

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