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  1. livetowin

    Hello and Welcome All!

    Hey Nathan Welcome to Fishlore! Does Garfield the cat look like Garfield! ;D
  2. livetowin

    Eye to eye with a couple of ants.

    What camera do you have?
  3. livetowin

    Welcome to the jungle my finished 30 gallon!

    Whats the Watts on your Light fixture and what tube are you using or is it LEDs?
  4. livetowin

    Weird tank, cinder blocks, what could go wrong?

    That seems like such a inexpensive way for a suitable tank stand did you put any form of morter in between the blocks to make 100% sure it won't move?
  5. livetowin

    Lockjaw or mouth rot on tiger barb

    actually its the lower jaw and yes it eats.
  6. livetowin

    Lockjaw or mouth rot on tiger barb

    Here is the best picture I could get. Also I went to an LFS and they said that it sounds more like a case of lockjaw or a genetic defect because he still does eat. and he just likes to be more towards the top of the tank.
  7. livetowin

    Lockjaw or mouth rot on tiger barb

    Hey all For the past 6 months I've noticed one of my barbs has had its jaw open. It doesn't seem to affect eating or breathing but it seems like hes "outta it" and disoriented the bottom jaw is semi transparent now but no bleeding or it doesnt seem to be hurting him. If I need to post a...
  8. livetowin

    29 to 37 Gallon change over

    By chemicals I ment ph, ammonia etc. because I switched everything from my 29 gallon i'd rather wait and see if the tank will go through a mini cycle fortunatly so far all the levels with the exception of the water hardness is doing well. My mistake!! Also the plants in the bottom left corner...
  9. 37 Freshwater Semiplanted

    37 Freshwater Semiplanted

    New Tank replacing the 29 gallon which had a leak.
  10. livetowin

    29 to 37 Gallon change over

    Once I get everything correct chemical wise Thats the plan.
  11. livetowin

    29 to 37 Gallon change over

    Pictures of my new 37 gallon I had to purchase because of a leak and here are some pictures of it so far. Running dual air pumps along with a Marinelan c-160 canister and a topfin 40 filter for added filtration.
  12. Just changed over

    Just changed over

  13. Algae Eater

    Algae Eater

  14. Clearing up

    Clearing up

  15. School of tiger barbs

    School of tiger barbs

  16. side view

    side view

  17. Canister


  18. Blurry


  19. livetowin

    Best way to switch tanks

    Well I was able to switch out tanks successfully I now have a 37 gallon tank upon further review of the old tank i found a small crack in the bottom back corner of the tank It could have been a lot worse. I unfortunatly lost 3 zebra danios in the process but my tiger barbs, gourami and redtail...
  20. livetowin

    Best way to switch tanks

    I Currently have 7 Tiger barbs, 1 Blue Gourami, 3 Danios, 1 Algae Eater, 1 Albino Redtail Shark, and One South American Bumblebee Catfish so Im thinking it will need to be on the bigger size for a QT. And I am looking at a 37 gallon because unfortunatly my stand can only hold a max of 37 gallons.

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