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  1. Nutter

    Sick Dovii

    It was swimming upside down & gasping for air clearly in lots of pain when I came home from work so I have put the fish out of it's misery.
  2. Nutter

    Sick Dovii

    Thanks for the input & well wishes everyone. I've never seen an abscess on a fish before but having just googled it it does look like one. I'll give the salt a try & see how that goes. If that doesn't work I'll try something with a bit more kick. Will let you know how it turns out...
  3. Nutter

    Sick Dovii

    Been a long time since I have been on here due to one of my kids being seriously ill. Due to the costs involved in treatment I have shelved plans for the fishroom & have cut down to just one tank (6x2x2) with a single Wolf Cichlid (Parachromis Dovii). Unfortunately there's something going on...
  4. Nutter

    55 Gallon Tank New tank: Possible Ram Centerpiece

    Getting a T5HO tube will not help you if you do not already have a T5HO fixture to put it in. In fact, it won't even fit in the fixture, let alone work. You need a T5HO fixture to go with a T5HO tube. If you already have a T5HO fixture then all your doing is swapping to a tube of the same...
  5. Nutter

    what would you put in a 90gal tank?

    Other small cichlids suitable for a community style tank: Kribensis (Pelvicachromis Pulcher), Roloff's Kribensis (Pelvicachromis Roloffi), Golden Dwarf Acara (Nannacara Anomala), African Butterfly Cichlid (Anomalochromis Thomasi), Checkerboard Cichlid (Dicrossus Filamentosa) & Flag Cichlid...
  6. Nutter

    Funny We're going to need a bigger bowl!

    Some people scream fake when they see this photo but apparently the record for Koi Carp is somewhere around 90lb (not confirmed), & all the fishy experst say that the size & colour are definitely possible. It's a great photo fake or not.
  7. Nutter

    Question Which lighting option should I choose?

    The mesh I'm talking about does block a little light but it's not too bad & with your new lights you shouldn't have to worry about it too much. It's just black plastic mesh with holes about 5mm diameter. The large diameter holes let through lots of air & lots of light, unlike a fine mesh like...
  8. Nutter

    any good movies you have seen lately?

    Pirates Of The Carribean 5: too long & not not a patch on the 1st - 2/5 Faster: gotta love a good revenge tale -4/5 The Hitcher: maybe it's better to pick up strangers sometimes - 4/5 Thor: I had to put up with Chris Hemsworth in an aussie soap that the missus is a fan of so I really...
  9. Nutter

    Question Which lighting option should I choose?

    You shouldn't have any overheating problems during the colder months but it will definitely be an issue from the end of November onward. You can always leave the hood open & point a pedestal fan at the opening so it disperses the heat. A set of mesh lids will further help keep the tank cool by...
  10. Nutter

    Please help me stock and fix this problem

    There are quite a few options for a 29gal cichlid tank. You could do a compatible pair of the following with no tankmates: Altolamprologus Calvus (Lake Tanganyika), Red Jewels (African riverine) or Convicts (Central America), Jade Eyed Cichlid (Archocentrus Spilurus from Guatemala) &...
  11. Nutter

    Question stocking ideas for new tank

    Yes you could have Pictus instead of Cories, 3 Pictus would be no problem so long as each has it's own individual hiding spot. They defend thier caves against each other. There are many types of catfish you could have such as Featherfin (Synodontis Eupterus), Talking Catfish such as...
  12. Nutter

    55 Gallon Tank oscar companion

    Your position is unique & I know your not dealing with full grown fish yet. I also know you keep a close eye on things in your tanks so you can get away with it for a while. I wouldn't want to be setting up a 180gal just to pull it down in a month or two either.
  13. Nutter

    Question Which lighting option should I choose?

    Good stuff Jeff. While your doing your hood mods keep in mind that T5HO produces heaps more heat than your old T8's do. It would be a good idea to make sure there is some extra ventilation in the hood to help disperse that extra heat. Personally I cut holes into my hoods & then mount PC fans...
  14. Nutter

    Question stocking ideas for new tank

    If the new dimensions are correct then any of the stockng lists I gave you will still work just fine. Is the new tank coming with a filter/s or do you need to buy? If you need to buy I cannot recommend Eheim canister filters highly enough. I have been using them for many years now & have never...
  15. Nutter

    55 Gallon Tank oscar companion

    Welcome to Fishlore fishlover545. Ppate1977 is spot on, it depends on the personality of each individual fish. I've had the JD combo both work & fail on different occasions. I would not attempt it in any tank less than a 90gal. I've only ever tried in tanks 6ft long. A 55gal would never work...
  16. Nutter

    Why is Youtube so full of Cichlid VS Cichlid videos?

    I've got no problem with the fish vs fish videos, in fact I've got one of my Dovii fighting my Jaguar for dominance when they were first introduced to each other. That kind of fighting is a given & I see no problem with it so long as no major damage is done. The ones I have a problem with are...
  17. Nutter

    Question stocking ideas for new tank

    In that case here's a couple of potential stocking lists you might like to consider: 5 x Geophagus Topajos (or other Geo that gets to about 6", there's plenty) 12 x Rainbow Fish (many species to choose from & you can have a mixed species school) 1 x small-medium size Pleco like a...
  18. Nutter

    Question stocking ideas for new tank

    Unusual dimensions. That gives you 110gal (US). All of the fish I mentioned can be housed in that size tank, it's just a matter of choosing the right tankmates & the right numbers. If you go with Oscars your really only going to be able to house two of them on thier own & the tank will be...
  19. Nutter

    Question Are cichlids specfic pellets important for health?

    Yes pellets are better than flakes, I would assume the same of sticks though I've never actually used them. Flakes leach out most of thier nutrients after 30-60 seconds in the water while pellets retain thier nutrients for a considerable amount of time, allowing the fish to gain benefit from...
  20. Nutter

    ok, I'm going to breed jewel cichlids.

    Sounds like your in pretty good shape then. Let us know how it all pans out for you.

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