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  1. Bryangar

    Help So plants use Co2...

    Research the plants. It’ll tell you if they need co2. The plants you listed dont.
  2. Bryangar

    Think theyre vals, but should check

    Not val, maybe some sp. of acorus?
  3. Bryangar

    What type of moss is this?

    Yeah that definitely isn’t green hair algae. Can’t say forsure what moss it is, since they all basically look the same in small strands.
  4. Bryangar

    Low light aquarium plants?

    Besides the hundreds of threads talking about this, java fern, anubias, moss :)
  5. Bryangar

    Please help me to identify these plants

    Most likely not. I think it’s mostly used as a terrarium plant.
  6. Bryangar

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    We get it. You vape.
  7. Bryangar

    Id please

    The picture is too blurry for me, but from what I can see looks like @Sheena-Phx was right. Bacopa caroliniana.
  8. Bryangar

    Please help me to identify these plants

    1) hemigraphis repanda 2) anacharis/elodea densa 3)cabomba 4)althernanthera reneckii 5 & 6 the grass looking plant is mondo grass.
  9. Bryangar

    What plant is this ?

    Pogo erectus?
  10. Bryangar

    Need ID of stem plant

    Nah it’s emersed rotala
  11. Bryangar

    What Are The Names Of These Two?

    The front is mayaca fluviatilis. back looks like juncus repens to me?
  12. Bryangar

    What Plant Is This?

    @midna “bacopa” nah definitely cardinal plant.
  13. Bryangar

    What Are Those?

    All are crypts(bronze, undulata) and last is wisteria.
  14. Bryangar

    I’ve Been Bad

    People are crazy over on facebook in general.
  15. Bryangar

    Can Petco Aquariums Be Drilled?

    “The king of DIY” uses the 40 breeders from petco as sumps which he had to drill from the side. I think it is only the bottom
  16. Bryangar

    Question Water Onion Pearling

    What? Are you talking about the frogbit?
  17. Bryangar

    Anyone Know What This Is?

    Its a species of bladderwort
  18. Bryangar

    Organic Potting Soil Or Commercial Substrates?

    Idk. I used miracle gro potting mix for my dirted tank tho

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