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    Free Goldfish Fry, Hornwort, Water Lettuce

    Any hornwort or water lettuce left?
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    Want To Sell Commissioned Stained Glass

    Nice work! Love the crosses.
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    Want To Buy Watersprite

    If you r interested when it gets warmer here.
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    Free Guppy Grass Only Pay Shipping

    Pm what plants you have! Shipping should be cheap I'm in South Jersey.
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    Free Guppy Grass Only Pay Shipping

    How much would shipping be to nj and how would I PayPal you. Pm me. Thx!
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    29 Gallon Tank Hair Algae Issues

    Btw I am dosing flourish twice a week recommended dose. I also have the lights on for 9 hours a day.
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    How To Get Algae To Grow?

    Leave it how it is. It's not worth it to have it overgrow your tank. It will eventually grow on the plants leaves and kill them out.
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    29 Gallon Tank Hair Algae Issues

    Hi all, I have a hair algae problem in my tank. It is growing in the plants and substrate. I have a test kit and will test my levels if needed I will also post a pic c of the tank if needed. I do water changes about 25% once a week. What can I do too fix this? I can make a diy c02 system if that...
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    A Little Something Less Fishy

    I have had temps lower than 70 in my tanks before. They seem to do fine.
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    Free Free Plants

    I'll take anything.
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    Homes Found For The Fish! Thanks!

    Are the plants gone?
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    Homes Found For The Fish! Thanks!

    How much would shipping be for the water wisteria and marimos
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    Help Still Need Someone To Take My 29 And 12 Gallon As Rescues

    If you don't want the plants I would be willing to take them off your hands!
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    Want To Sell Plants For Sale!

    Snail free?
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    Question Glue In An Aquarium

    Super glue is safe.
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    5 Gallon Tank

    Pea puffer.
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    Question Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care

    They breed crazily beware!
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    Algae Issues

    Asian algae eater should work great!

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