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  1. mmolitor87

    Various Sized Fish Tanks (st. Louis, Mo)

    Sand. The picture was taken shortly after it was fully emptied. My wife isn't strong enough to help me get it outside and clean it properly.
  2. mmolitor87

    Various Sized Fish Tanks (st. Louis, Mo)

    10 gallon aquarium and stand - $60 Tank is 10 gallons and about 5 years old, used or stored in climate controlled basement since original purchase. Seals are good and it holds water. Included: Lid with light fixture Hang-on-back style filter Air pump + bubble stone Fluval 50w submersible...
  3. mmolitor87

    Are my glowlights are attacking my RCS'

    Re: Caring for RCS You should drip acclimate for far more reasons than pH. I drip acclimated my shrimp for 3 hours and didn't lose a single one!
  4. mmolitor87

    Want To Buy various fishies

    Harpua2002 typically has rabbit snails. Wish you luck on the assassin snails...I drove 70 miles for mine!
  5. mmolitor87

    I Want this to breed shrimp

    Those might be the 'sunkissed' variety that are seeming to gain popularity.
  6. mmolitor87


    LOL I'm sorry. If you can catch the parents the fry likely won't survive the mbuna.
  7. mmolitor87


    Frogbit floats! you could try najas as well, but it grows quickly and you will need to do a lot of trimming.
  8. mmolitor87

    55 Gallon Tank Lab doing the funky chicken dance?

    That's kinda cute but it would scare me! Kinda looks like a seizure!
  9. mmolitor87

    Mystery Snails and Angel Fish

    I have heard of cichlids pestering larger snails to death, which is exactly why I don't have them. Angels are quite different than most, though. I think you'll find when your angels get bigger they will leave them alone more. They are just hungry little bottomless pits that are trying to find...
  10. mmolitor87

    I'm clueless about bulbs!

    Hehehe I did indeed get it figured out! Thanks, though. Ended up going with 18" zoo med lights. Kept the old ones just in case, and if I ever need to recycle them I can just take them to work. I work with computers so we recycle random things all the time!
  11. mmolitor87

    Mesh Moss Bag/Wall!

    Duuuh, java moss! :what: lol I know there are other types. Some might even be better for this, depending on the look you want. Its also going to be super crazy trimming this down in the future.
  12. mmolitor87

    Mesh Moss Bag/Wall!

    Nope...fed it through myself lol. Took ages, but I was watching a movie so I didn't mind.
  13. mmolitor87

    Mesh Moss Bag/Wall!

  14. mmolitor87

    jewel tankmates

    You might be able to manage, just keep in mind it will grow. Keep an eye on aggression and water parameters! Have lots of separate caves and plants to form territories.
  15. mmolitor87

    5.5 Gallon tank projects!

    Yes! 2 of them in my tank too. Lights up half my room by itself. Zoomed Ultrasun, if anyone was curious lol. There's a link to them further back in the posts.
  16. mmolitor87

    5.5 Gallon tank projects!

    Indeed! I love these bulbs!
  17. mmolitor87

    5.5 Gallon tank projects!

    Don't mean to post back to back like this but....! These dwarf sag are loving the light! Tiny java moss growth. woot!
  18. mmolitor87

    Mesh Moss Bag/Wall!

    A tiny update on the growth! It's working!!
  19. mmolitor87

    jewel tankmates

    Yes....I want one! Or three..... >.>; I have 7 giant danios in with my JD/Con. They can't catch them so they're doing great! An oscar will be capable of eating one, but only if it can catch it.
  20. mmolitor87

    jewel tankmates

    I'll be honest...they are my first fish, other than a betta which I subjected to a bowl years ago. Before I knew better... It isn't too bad as long as you do a lot of research. You freak out when they fight but you have to remember - they do that, it just happens and it's probably not anything...

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