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  1. beau

    Ellioti Wigglers

    My Ellioti were very good parents, but as soon as the baby’s start getting a little too brave they get picked off by the other fish. Angels are particularly bad in my experience, they’ll literally hunt the fry down. If you really want to raise them you’d have to move them to a separate tank.
  2. beau

    Alternanthera Reineckii Dying

    Thanks for the help! I’ll see what happens with more CO2, although at this point I’ll probably have to start with a new plant as there is barely any left lol.
  3. beau

    Alternanthera Reineckii Dying

    Thanks for the compliments pH: 7.74 with CO2 off, 6.6 with CO2 on gH: about 200, 10 drops (this test is expired but it is in line with what I have gotten in the past) kH: 7-8 drops One 50% water change every Sunday, using tap water.
  4. beau

    Alternanthera Reineckii Dying

    Sorry I don’t know why it won’t work... I’ll see if it will copy and paste the chart: ELEMENTS PPM NO3 7 N 1.58 K 4.93 P 0.41 PO4 1.25 FE 0.43 CU 0.006 MG 0.29 ZN 0.03 MO 0.004 B 0.08 It is called the AAA NPK+M system.
  5. beau

    Alternanthera Reineckii Dying

    It won’t let me post the link to the ferts I use, so here is the info from the page... I started with 6 pumps of Macros on Mon/Wed/Fri and 6 pumps of Micros on Tues/Thurs/Sat. A couple weeks ago I switched to 10 pumps of Macros on Mon/Thurs and 10 pumps of Micros on Tues/Friday. The problems...
  6. beau

    Alternanthera Reineckii Dying

    Hi all, I have recently switched my 125 gallon over to a high tech planted tank. It was planted on July 15th. Almost everything is growing well, but a few weeks in both Alternanthera plants started to die back. They had started to grow but then melted all of a sudden, and have not recovered at...
  7. beau

    Got Pleco Today, How To Care For It

    They will pick up the odd flake if they happen to cruise over one that is laying on the ground, but no not really. They should be provided algae wafers at a minimum.
  8. beau

    Your Fish Pharmacy?

    My favourites have always been Kanamycin (Kanaplex) and Praziquantel (PraziPro.) Anytime I was losing fish without any obvious symptoms or explanation I would do a run through of Kanaplex and it usually solved it. PraziPro was just a nice safe one to use when I was adding new fish, especially if...
  9. beau

    Help Stock Ideas For 40 Gallon

    I would definitely up the schools of Otos and Cory’s, but other than that there are tons of different options as far as schooling fish go. Neon Tetras, Cherry Barbs, Gold Barbs, Zebra Danios, Harlequin Rasbora, Mountain Minnows... Or you could stick with livebearers and just add more of what you...
  10. beau

    Help Should I Add Live Plants?

    You should be able to add many plants under those lights, without upgrading anything. I’ve kept Crypts, Anubias, Swords, Val’s, Hygrophilias and a variety of other relatively easy plants under the Top Fin LEDs. I never much bothered with adding fertilizers or anything like that either, other...
  11. beau

    Stocking Ideas For 125gal Planted Tank

    No worries lol, I figured that was the case! Silver dollars are giants and plant destroyers, so I will definitely skip them haha. I think we decided on a group of glass catfish for sure though, if I can find some healthy stock. I am also interested in Flordia flag fish, although I know they...
  12. beau

    Stocking Ideas For 125gal Planted Tank

    I have a group of Pearls! I actually just rehomed my group of Rainbow cichlids because they were just not doing great in the tank anymore, two were always fighting and the other was permanently dark grey haha. I’ll definitely check out those other two though.
  13. beau

    Stocking Ideas For 125gal Planted Tank

    It has been awhile since I've posted on here, and 3 years since I started the setup of my 125 gallon. The tank has been looking somewhat neglected recently so I have decided to rehome pretty much all of the large SA/CA cichlids that were in there and start fresh. I am in the process of adding...
  14. beau

    Help Fungus? Ich? Sailfin Mollies...

    You’re right, looks like columnaris. The fin rot on both is a symptom of it. ****.
  15. beau

    Help Fungus? Ich? Sailfin Mollies...

    Could someone tell me what this is? I recall seeing it on fish at work before but it doesn’t look like ich to me. It is impacting two fish visibly but the rest of the Mollies are also gasping at the surface. All other fish in the tank are fine and parameters are 0/0/<40. Nitrates don’t get any...
  16. beau

    Help Id Plants

    Look like a type of Cryptocoryne, maybe wendtii..
  17. beau

    Betta Sorority In 29g?

    20 x 10 x 12 is a standard 10 gallon, and you definitely do not have room for a Betta sorority in that tank size. If you are going to keep a Betta in that tank it should be the only fish. A 29 gal is 30 x 12 x 18.
  18. beau

    Betta Sorority In 29g?

    A single female will quite often work in a community, although of course there are some individuals that are still too aggressive so you have to keep an eye on it. I’d recommend avoiding boisterous tank mates (Loaches etc) as they are still a slow moving fish that can be stressed by too much...
  19. beau

    Filter Question

    If you’ve had them running for 3 months the new filter will be perfectly fine on its own. I would check the gph rating on it though, because I’d be surprised if a filter rated for a 20gal would be 200gph. It’s probably fine for the Betta and Nerites, but you won’t be able to stock much more with it.
  20. beau

    Will This Stocking Work

    Pictus also need to be kept in groups.

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