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    Pet Sitter Or Leave Fish?

    Ive left my fish for just over two weeks on several occasions, just do a decent water change before and they should be totally fine.
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    Important Can I Escape Using Dechlorinator For One Day?

    I forget to add prime all the time and no deaths yet, i always remember a couple of days later by which point there's no point adding it anyway. Tbh, as long as you're not doing a massive change itll probably be fine.
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    Will A Breeding Pair Of Kribs Harass African Dwarf Frogs And Mystery Snails???

    From personal experience I would say no unfortunately, the kribs will kill the snails and probably harrass the frogs unless they are quick enough to get away. Kribs and slow moving tank mates are a recipe for disaster, as once the kribs start breeding they will become very territorial and go for...
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    Thought Amano Shrimp Were Dying

    Amanos are great, arent they? Though they are the cockroaches of shrimp ime, impossible to kill lol! I have some that are around 4 years old now, im not sure how they are even still alive! One of them even went down the sink during a tank change, we undid all the plumbing, rescued him and hes...
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    Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    When you change the water, are you temperature matching the water? A change of a few degrees can be quite significant for fish and make them act weird. I always turn my filters off for weekly water changes and never had an issue in 5 years so I cant see an issue there.
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    Sick Rainbowfish

    I cant tell too well from the picture but could be body flukes, ive found rainbows to be really prone to them. You can treat with sterazin or, depending on where you are you might be able to get something similar/better for flukes.
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    Important Super Pink Eye Urgent Please Read

    It doesnt look too bad to be honest, cats are remarkable self healers so I wouldnt interfere unless it gets drastically worse. Unfortunately, as you are not the owner, there is very little you can do in terms of medicating her, though Im glad she has someone looking out for her!
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    Help Missing Dwarf Gourami

    I had a pearl gourami go missing once, never found it nor any remains, so its totally possible it died and was cannibalised by your other fish/snails/shrimp if you have them.
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    Question Gold Gourami Nipping At Other Gourami

    From my experience, i would never keep gold gourami with other gourami, unless in a large group, as they tend to harrass and kill other gourami. So I would really keep an eye on his behaviour, Ive only had success with keeping them singly but maybe someone else has had a better experience than me.
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    Why Do My Otos Keep Dying?

    Otos need a very established tank, 6 months at a very bare minimum, at least a year is best ime. They are also very sensitive to water quality and will not tolerate well anything other than very clean water. They are fab fish but can be tricky in a newish tank.
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    Snail Id Please?

    I think you only need one to brred, they are hermaphrodite so can reproduce alone. They will eat extra fish food, veggies etc.
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    Snail Id Please?

    Looks to be a ramshorn, they can be prolific breeders so watch you dont overfeed unless you want lots more!
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    Alex's Baby Preacox Rainbows

    Its normal, usuall the males and ime females spend a lot of time chasing and displaying to each other
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    Alex's Baby Preacox Rainbows

    I love praecox rainbows, they are such entertaining fish!
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    Help Betta's Fins Receding

    Thats some rough looking fin rot there. I had a pretty identical problem with my betta,and the only thing that worked was aquarium salt with daily water changes. I know salt is an unpopular choice on here but needs must. I saw results literally overnight and the fins, once they start regrowing...
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    What On Earth Has My Neon Fot On His Face?!

    20180916_173856 by Fishes posted Sep 16, 2018 at 5:44 PMIve just noticed my neon tetra has something weird on his face, almost like.....a tiny beard. Ive never seen anything like it before, what could it be? It seems to be like his fins but on his chin! It doesnt appear to be a worm or anything...
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    Starving Pleco Won’t Eat

    I would get some cucumber, stick a fork in it so that it sinks and see if he goes for that, also plecos like to eat at night so I would keep tank in darkness/covered to encourage eating and reduce stress.
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    Moved Mean Tetra

    I've kept black phantoms for several years and ime this is normal behaviour. Usually the larger males like to show off and assert dominance in this manner. As long as theres nothing more than a ripped fin here and there, I honestly wouldn't worry. Getting more would certainly help, are your...

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