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    Her Water Broke!

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    20 Gallon Tank Help! Don’t Know What I Did!!!

    My ph is very low tap water, so I bought some crushed coral at petco and nylon and put it in the nylons couple and placed them into all my tanks when I do a water change I swish them, my ph improved right away
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    Gang Valves

    I'm having trouble on how they work, I bought a air pump has 2 outlets and a 4 way gang valve, how do I hook it up?
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    My Pea Puffer

    It's a female if the belly is all white also she most likely needs to be wormed, there's a group called pea puffers and dwarf puffers very good groups,
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    Help Hello!! I’m New Here And I Need Help!

    When you do the cycling do not wash anything gravel, glass, decorations, filters nothing inside the tank, use prime and stability, doing water test is very important everyday any questions p.ease ask
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    Question How Long Before Nitrites Start Showing Up?

    I never heard of putting lava rocks inside the filter I just put mine in the tank
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    Thanks I'm New

    Hello everyone I'm new to the fish world just signed up. Right now I have 4 guppie, 5 female betta, 2 male betta different tanks and 3 tetras. I have 3 10 gal. 1 5 gal. And 4 3.4 gal. Also I just bought a 60 gal. Tank Thanks for letting me join.

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