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    Help Two hiding danios

    I have a ten gallon tank with six danios. Four of them do just fine, two of them do nothing but hide, each in their own cave. No sign of fin nipping, bullying, or anything like that among them. Had them for around two weeks. Not too sure what's up with those two, they don't even come out to...
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    10 Gallon Tank Trying to decide what to get, plus overstocking question

    I'm having a tough time deciding what to get for a 10 gallon tank. I was planning on 6 cardinal tetras, then 3 male guppies. Some have suggested get both, but there seems to be a bit of a question on if that would be overstocking the tank. I have never owned either types of these fish, but...
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    How Do I Adding fish to a 10 gallon tank?

    I'm going to be adding 6 cardinal tetras to a fully cycled tank. Do I add them all at once, or just get a couple more every few days? Also, considering a guppy as well....if I got a guppy, would it be safter to add the guppy first or the tetras first (or does it not matter)?
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    Going to get some cardinal tetras for a 10 gallon...some questions

    I've decided to get some cardinal tetras for a 10 gallon tank. Right now, there are no fish currently in the tank, but it is cycled and I am feeding it each day to keep everything fine in there. So now I present you with a laundry list of questions: 1) What is a good number for a 10 gallon...
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    10 Gallon Tank What's a good community/school set up for a 10 gallon tank?

    I recently lost the only fella living in my 10 gallon tank To help myself feel a bit better, I'm planning what to do with the tank once I figure out what happened in there. I am thinking about a community or school for it. It's a 10 gallon, has a few floating plants at the top but nothing...
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    Very sick pleco I'm afraid, any advice?

    My BN pleco has been acting odd the last few days. Very inactive, but he was eating a bit of an apple the other day so I figured he was just being relaxed. A couple days ago, I put in a cucumber (his favorite) but he did not eat it at all. Found this very odd. Did a water change today, he was...
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    Worried about my girl

    My girl is starting to get a bulge on one side of her stomach. She also seems to be having trouble swimming. Right now, I've got her in a cup at the top of her water so A) I can tell if she poops in case she's constipated and B) let her rest. I don't know much about egg binding, but could...
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    After one year and 7 months.....

    My big guy Andre passed away last night. He had been slowly going down hill lately. I have been dreading this day for awhile, and even though I saw it coming I'm not handling this too well. Finding him at the bottom of his tank this morning was a horrible feeling that we've all been through...
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    Very pale betta

    Hey guys....some of you might remember that I put a couple weeks ago about how one of my bettas is getting pretty old and seems to be slowing down a bit. I had a sitter taking care of him for a couple of weeks and was worried that I wouldn't see him alive again. Ok, the good news. He's still...
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    Can anyone ease my worried mind?

    One of my bettas is getting on up there in age. I got him last September and I'm pretty sure he was full grown (or very close to it) then. When he came home, he was always full of energy, swimming all around, and very active. Unfortunately, I do believe that age is catching up with him. He...
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    How to get rid of blue green algae/bacteria stuff

    I have had what I would describe as a mild case of blue green algae in my tank for a few weeks now. What I have been doing is wiping down the walls of the tank when I do my water changes and getting the particles out, as well as picking it off any decor I see it on. I know that when this gets...
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    Uh...algae on fins?

    The other day when changing water in the tank, I also wiped of algae from the sides of the walls. Now, apparently, some of the floating particles have hooked themselves to my crowntail's tail. I'm almost positive it's not any kind of has the exact color and looks exactly the same...
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    BN pleco has stopped eating algae

    Well, my BN pleco has stopped cleaning algae in the tank. Around a week ago was the last time I saw him on the sides of the tank, and it does not appear that he is eating over night either. During the day, he stays under a bridge decoration and at night, all I see him do is hang out on his...
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    How to make algae grow quicker?

    Besides leaving the lights on longer, are there any other good ways to get algae to grow more? Need some for my pleco
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    Is it normal for BN plecos to eat poo?

    I just saw my pleco eat his own poo.....there is a bit of algae in the tank plus he had a cucumber in there to munch on last night, so he shouldn't be too hungry. Is that normal at all
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    Dither fish?

    I just had to readjust things with my fish a bit. I bought a new 10 gallon tank so one of my bettas wouldn't pick on my BN pleco. Took the pleco out of the old tank and put him in with a betta who is more mild mannered. If this betta picks on the pleco, I have two options. The first one...
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    Well...I have a new 10 gallon tank

    Went ahead and bought a new 10 gallon because Deuce was picking on my pleco. Now Andre has a 10 gallon tank with Jeeves (the pleco) in there. I put Jeeves in there first, left him in for around an hour, and then put Andre in. Also used all the substrate from Andre's old tank, plus his cave...
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    A betta is getting territorial over one cave, and one cave only

    The last couple of days, one of my bettas has chased my BN pleco away from one cave, but only that one cave. Otherwise, he pretty much ignores him. The tank has 3 caves, a chunk of mopani wood, and several live plants. Is this a cause for concern for future behavior problems, or is this...
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    Much more active pleco

    I got a BN pleco a couple weeks ago. When he came home with me, he had a ton of algae to eat and finished that up pretty quick. Seems like after that, he was pretty reserved for a while. Also, during this time there was no air pump in the tank. A couple days ago, I finally got one and hooked...
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    MAJOR fin rot issues, close to body!!

    Deuce had what was a very mild case of fin rot treated with Kordon Rid-Fungus + anti-bacterial foods EXPLODE, literally, overnight, into what looks like disastrous fin rot. His bottom fin looks very stringy, up to maybe 1/4th of an inch from his body (which was nowhere near the case last...

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