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  1. bankruptjojo

    4 leaf clover (Marsilea quadrifolia)

    yeah iv read things that didnt work for me before. there are so many factors at play, no tank can ever really be exactly the same. there are tons of plants out there that say they dont need co2, but if you use co2 on them they become a totally diff plant. i have broad leaf ludwigia in a high...
  2. bankruptjojo

    Help Lighting advice

    The only way to know how strong your lights are is by measuring PAR. Here is a great article you can read up on. It has a few fixtures that have already been tested.
  3. bankruptjojo

    4 leaf clover (Marsilea quadrifolia)

    mine is doing pretty well. are you using co2? excel will never match up to injected co2, in my experiences at least.
  4. bankruptjojo

    Betta help! Please! I'm out of options and i don't want to loose my boy!

    when i move my bettas i find they do very well at just swimming from one container to another. i try not to net them as fish with delicate fins can easily rip on most nets. they do make nets that are better about this, almost like brine shrimp nets. id make sure the net your using what im...
  5. bankruptjojo

    Bully betta or film killing cories?

    my guess is the bettas is killing them. if your water parameters are ok then that is the only explanation i can come up with. i tried corys with a betta but he constantly bullied them. if your seeing him do it then hes prob doing it often.
  6. bankruptjojo

    i have betta eggs , now what

    i have no idea but congrats i thought you took both the parents out and raised the eggs on your own. like with angelfish, but i havnt researched it enough. breeding bettas seemed like a little to much work for me
  7. bankruptjojo

    Betta help! Please! I'm out of options and i don't want to loose my boy!

    my bettas dont have heaters either. it really just depends you the room temp. my tanks usually go from 78-80f during the day and night. id say 76-80 is the biggest swing id allow during the day, if it is more then that you will need a heater imo. i think the best temp is 78f. i have gone back...
  8. bankruptjojo

    floating plant

    looks like duckweed to me.
  9. bankruptjojo

    Want To Sell jojos plant/supply list

    BUMP only 2 people so far, plenty still available.
  10. bankruptjojo

    Tank mates with a Red Parrot Cichlid?

    yeah baking soda might work. let us know if it does.
  11. bankruptjojo

    Parrot cichlids and aquariums

    these are opinions but id say... 55g, only 1 imo. from what i have seen they do best in groups of at least 3. and 55g is not big enough for more than 2. 150 id say only 4 as the top fin one is very tall but not long. imo if your going to buy a 150g tank get a 6ft long tank. then you can fit a...
  12. bankruptjojo

    Tank mates with a Red Parrot Cichlid?

    what do you mean by oxidation? is the glass hazy? sorry think i thought you meant something else. if its haze it can be very hard to remove. iv only bought a hand full of used tanks for this very reason. i keep my tanks very clean and even after years they look the same. others cant seem to...
  13. bankruptjojo

    Tank mates with a Red Parrot Cichlid?

    They will go away on there own. Or just use your hand or algae pad.
  14. bankruptjojo

    LED lights and live plants....will that work?

    the problem with those is they are not very strong. they should grow low light plants just fine. if you look there on there website they list par readings for all there fixtures. to help you understand using par readings to light a aquarium you should read this article...
  15. bankruptjojo

    LED lights and live plants....will that work?

    finnex has some of the best leds on the market for the best prices around... the finnex ray2 will give high light. or the fugeray will give low to med light.
  16. bankruptjojo

    Best Anubias species to mirror Java Fern size

    im not sure what your looking for as no anubis really looks like java fern. for a 90g tank im sure you can fit some of the bigger anubias congensis in there. i do really like the anubias afzelii though... pretty much all anubias is a slow grower but nano is the or one of the slowest. co2...
  17. bankruptjojo

    Tank mates with a Red Parrot Cichlid?

    i recently added some festivums to my 125g tank. the festivums bully my bp's. if little festivums can do it im sure other cichlids can. it deff can be done as iv seen people with bp's, JD's and oscars together but would not recommend for a beginner that just wants a peaceful tank. german blue...
  18. bankruptjojo

    Tank mates with a Red Parrot Cichlid?

    depends on what fish... id get 1 bristlenose pleco, 10 corys, 12-14 rasboars, 1 honey gourami and one blood parrot. that sounds good to me anyways but again depends on what you want.
  19. bankruptjojo

    Petco is having a sick online sale...

    ordered a 8g fluval form petco once and it arrived in pieces. just wanted to warn you... if you take it into a store broke they will exchange it for you. just a pain they wont price match their online prices.
  20. bankruptjojo

    Tank mates with a Red Parrot Cichlid?

    $50 for a 55g and stand is a good deal. id suggest a canister filter. i love them and really try to stay away from HOB filtres. some can be expensive but there are cheaper ones out there. here are a few suggestions... i have one and its not the a "fancy" filter but they work very well...

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