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  1. mrsmuffin

    Made it thru the night!

    Yea, Romeo!
  2. mrsmuffin

    MTS has made no room for xmas tree, HELP!

    I too got my furniture re-arranged and made room for the tree this weekend. I did go ahead and put it up, though. DH told me that I was acting like Lowes and Home Depot, that it wasn't even Thanksgiving and I already have the house decorated for Christmas!!
  3. mrsmuffin

    MTS has made no room for xmas tree, HELP!

    My mother actually does that in place of the light fixture over her dining room table sometimes... We are just a little Christmas crazy in our family! :;rudolph:;giftow
  4. mrsmuffin

    Caveman TV... For Fish!

    That is too cute!
  5. mrsmuffin

    MTS has made no room for xmas tree, HELP!

    That is too funny because I had posted about this myself somewhere else recently. I have a 65 gallon tank in my tree spot... I have a plan to re-arrange the living room to create a new spot, but it has had me a little puzzled! I will probably put mine up this weekend. I usually do it the...
  6. mrsmuffin

    Pleco Substitutes

    I THINK you would be fine with the albino bristlenose. I believe JJ was talking about an albino common pleco. When in doubt check out
  7. mrsmuffin

    Question Homemade food?

    The shrimp was cooked, only because that was what I had in my freezer. Everything else was raw. I think it was a 2 lb bag of shrimp, a couple of yellow squash, about 1/2 a bag of frozen peas, 3-4 tbl of minced garlic out of the jar, probably 1/4-1/2 cup of flake food, and then 1 packet of...
  8. mrsmuffin

    Discus Straight Out Of Malaysia

    They are just absolutely georgeous!!
  9. mrsmuffin

    Question Homemade food?

    Here is what I put in mine when I made it. I did mix it up in the blender though... shrimp squash peas flake food garlic plain gelatin mixed with water I blended it all together and then froze it flat.
  10. mrsmuffin

    Betta eggs in nest

    Ugh, men...
  11. mrsmuffin

    Help Air Pump is so loud!

    Mine are all under the water level without the valves, too. I have seen the valves though by themselves and with some airstones or bubble wands.
  12. mrsmuffin

    They are doing it!!

    Keep us posted!
  13. mrsmuffin

    Help Air Pump is so loud!

    You can buy a valve (I am pretty sure it is called a "check" valve) for pretty cheap that will prevent a siphon in the event of a power outage. I have a couple of my air pumps that are loud sitting on towells and it does the trick.
  14. mrsmuffin

    Well... I'm back... I think...

    You were gone?? Just kidding!!
  15. mrsmuffin

    Betta eggs in nest

    Oh Allie, this is very exciting!!
  16. mrsmuffin

    Things i don't understand about plecos...

    I agree with the "plecos are so ugly they are cute" theory. I love my 2 little BNs, although one of them hides so much for a while I thought I had lost one!!
  17. mrsmuffin

    How Do I Set Up This Heater?

    Yes I saw the water level line. Thanks again for the quick help!
  18. mrsmuffin

    How Do I Set Up This Heater?

    Thanks Lucy! All of my other tanks are still nice and toasty, but the big one is starting to get cooler with the cold front that came through yesterday since it is near a window... Don't want my little angels to get sick!
  19. mrsmuffin

    How Do I Set Up This Heater?

    I know this may sound like a stupid question, but I have a fully submersible heater made by Tetra that I got used with a tank off of Craig's list. I have never set up a heater before, and I don't know what I am doing. (I know, I know, but I live in Texas and I started keeping fish in the...
  20. mrsmuffin

    Pix of sick Prissy

    Awwww, poor Prissy!

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