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  1. Gozer_1

    What is this

    I went through the same OMG What is that? moment when I first saw them in my tank.
  2. Gozer_1

    first time

    The DIY sump! One of my very favorite topics!!! Looks great, I went through a few different "versions" on my own. Even now I look at my sump and think of what I want to change or add. LOL I have a 20 long in my shed just calling me. Telling me to build another sump.
  3. Gozer_1

    Gozers 75 Salt

    Thank you, I'd like to say it looks as good today as it did then. Unfortunately my attentions were lacking for the last several months and I had a near crash on the whole thing. Lost fish and come coral. Just a lack of proper regular maintenance. Getting it back on track now though. I plan to...
  4. Gozer_1

    Hello from Cincinnati, Oh

    Welcome to the greatest forum on the web!!!
  5. Gozer_1

    Hello from Texas...

    Welcome to FishLore, the absolute best community on the interwebs!!
  6. Gozer_1

    Hi All

    Welcome to FishLore!!
  7. Gozer_1

    What is this

    Looks to me like a microstar. It's probably got 5 legs. They hide in tiny little holes with their legs poking out waiting for something to float by. Just my guess and if so it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Gozer_1

    Gozer's 45 Planted

    Need some new pics here. Amazing how much planted tanks change as the plants grow. The Anubias has grown to enormous size causing the rest of the tank to become dwarfed. Just not enough light down to the bottom of the tall tank. Trimmed a bunch out but if I don't do something drastic I'll lose...
  9. Gozer_1

    Let's try this again shall we!

    Thanks for the welcome backs.
  10. Gozer_1

    Let's try this again shall we!

    HEEEYY, there's someone I recognize already. Good to "see" ya!
  11. Gozer_1

    Let's try this again shall we!

    Hello FishLorians, my name is Gozer and I used to be quite a regular around here. It's been since January that I last posted, not sure if anyone I knew is still around as it's been oh so long since I was last involved. So, I thought I'd stop in and reintroduce my self. I keep both fresh and...
  12. Happy Fox

    Happy Fox

    I moved the Fox to a new spot ad it is much happier there.
  13. Gozer_1

    75 gallon tank stock

    That is very nearly the stock list in my 75 reef!!! Minus #3 and #5 two clowns, two chromis, yellow tang and a firefish. I'd say not a bad mix lol. Maybe a little biased. The possible nipping of the Flame scared me away from them and I had aggression issues with the yellow tail damsels I had.
  14. Gozer_1

    R/O Water in marine aquarium

    To RO/Di or not to RO/DI that is the question lol. Me, I use one but have a reef. Even FOWLR I would use RO though just for the simple fact that you start out with just water. You don't have to add anything to "fix" the water. Makes me feel like I am more in control of what goes in the tank. In...
  15. Gozer_1


    I use an Aqua Lifter pump for mine (same box as Ag). Works very well especially if a power head isn't convenient for your setup. Here's a link to it on Marine Depot...
  16. Gozer_1

    Filter ?

    I'm kind of a mad scientist when it comes to filters. I use all sorts on my 75 reef lol. In the end under normal operation it's all live rock. The sump is there just to stash the skimmer and provide flow. So yes lots of rock and good even flow through out is all you really need in a Mature tank...
  17. Gozer_1

    how to setup a 55 gallon reef

    I will have to agree with you. I did the tap water thing for a while and will never again. Not just phosphates but all the other stuff. You can buy this and that to remove some things but using Ro/DI you start with nothing but water. Pure water, then add to it only the stuff the tank needs. It...
  18. Gozer_1

    Gozers 75 Salt

    It was a long long road but worth it now. Just gets easier and easier. This tank is a 75 gallon display now. When this thread was started it was just a 75 tank. lol I'm now running a 20 gallon sump I have been experimenting with. I started a post here about it many many moons ago but alas...
  19. 01/2010 75 gallon reef display.

    01/2010 75 gallon reef display.

  20. 01/2010 45 gallon planted

    01/2010 45 gallon planted

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