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  1. Mushishi

    Are Amano Shrimp Escape Artists?

    They usually wont make it far and they survive for only an hour or two max before they literally dry out. They don't usually climb out of tank compared to other species such as bamboo shrimp, but they still can. Make sure you have nothing they can climb up to the edge of the tank like drift...
  2. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    Also you can boil some tank water and make tea with that indian almond leaf and wait for it to cool. Then just add that to the tank, concentrated tannin instead of waiting forever. It also makes it so the leaf doesn't rot int he tank.
  3. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    at half a teaspoon per gallon your other betta will be fine.
  4. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    You can salt dip but it isn't as recommended as just treating the tank. The salt in higher concentrations can be very harsh on their labyrinth organ. That's why I recommended a methylene blue DIP, and treat the tank with half a teaspoon per gallon for long term.
  5. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    Dissolve the salt in water before putting it into the tank. And obviously for the dip do it in a small second container, not the actual tank. Dips are a more concentrated treatment method than just treating the tank so that is why it needs to be in a separate container and only for a small time...
  6. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    If you have methylene blue do a dip for about 15-20 seconds and treat his actual tank with salt at half a teaspoon per gallon. You should really invest in tannin material. It will soothe him so much.
  7. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    Have you ever caught him biting?
  8. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    Dips can definitely help and a small salt treatment of its tank can help long term. Start out at half the recommended so you don't stress him out. Also tannins will help you out a lot from treatment to prevention. (half teaspoon per gallon)
  9. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    Omg different thread. I apologize, my tabs got combined. Your definitely has fin rot.. once again sorry.
  10. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    Also salt is a very popular choice with long term breeders when it comes to FIN ROT, not parasites or bacteria. When done correctly it can be much more effective for finrot specifically than methylene dips. I had a sick betta for a very long time. She got hit with a bacterial infection in her...
  11. Mushishi

    Betta Fish Sick With In 2days!

    How often and how much for water changes? Any plants? What food do you feed him?
  12. Mushishi

    What Is This Fish?

    It seems like its either a cat or some sorta shark, I thought maybe bullhead but its too round.
  13. Mushishi

    Betta Can’t Get Eggs In Nest

    There really isn't anything you can do other than attempt to suck the eggs up via baster and care for them yourself but that's a whole different ball park lol. Ultimately you should just leave em be, make sure the top has enough moisture to keep the bubbles from popping. My experience with betta...
  14. Mushishi

    Aquarium Soil?

    Buy any organic potting soil. A lot of them, even organic, sometimes have extra nutrient balls made from this foam material (still organic) and while those are safe they can be annoying when they float up to the top. It is your preference just know some soils do better than others depending on...
  15. Mushishi

    Suspected Ich? Or Am I Overreacting?

    What all is in the tank?
  16. Mushishi

    Suspected Ich? Or Am I Overreacting?

    I'll have to read up on it again. Guess I was told some wrong info, thanks!
  17. Mushishi

    Bba And H202

    If you have any on the leaves of any plants you can put the peroxide in a turkey baster or something like that and directly inject it over the BBA. You have to of course use a safe amount but doing it this way instead of just adding it to the tank really helps. Do you have the fish to eat the...
  18. Mushishi

    Plant Fertilizer Recommendations That Are Shrimp Safe?

    Nitrates seem fine, as long as you have readings you are good. Flourish AND Flourish Excel are a good combo, I do the same however when sales pop up but Flourish by seachem will cover WAY more ground for you and yes it is shrimp safe. It has measurable amounts of copper but they are no where...
  19. Mushishi

    Rare Killifish?!

    That's what I am saying! Ugh, its so frustrating. It makes me want to breed these guys and introduce them to my fish stores and get them out there! Their habitat is dwindling and they may not be around forever.
  20. Mushishi

    Api Test Kit Colors

    Omg they have gh and kh tests in their master kit! TY

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