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  1. kyle.mcwha

    1st Ever Aquascape For 90 Litre Tank

    shes submerged now
  2. kyle.mcwha

    Question Skimmer Isnt Collecting Waste

    Hi my tank is only new it was producing waste but now has stopped is this normal
  3. kyle.mcwha

    Question Ai Prime

    thats it fixed thank you
  4. kyle.mcwha

    Question Ai Prime

    Trying the potb light schedule anyone used it before?
  5. kyle.mcwha

    29 Gallon Tank Ai Prime Hd

    Hi any chance i could see your schedule?
  6. kyle.mcwha

    Question Ai Prime

    Thank you i appreciate it keep me updated
  7. kyle.mcwha

    Question Ai Prime

    Thank you i will add in to that after work
  8. kyle.mcwha

    Question Ai Prime

    Anyone have a good set up schedule for the ai prime hd light? I have a 95 litre tank
  9. kyle.mcwha

    Question 2 Clowns Sticking To Top Of Tank

    Hi i introduced 2 clowns to my tank yesterday and they havent left the one spot. Also they would eat tonight. Is this normal? (Im new to this marine thing lol)
  10. kyle.mcwha

    Question Any One Used Atm Colony For Faster Cycle

    Boys at the local fish store recommended this all water levels sitting perfect so far but only day 2

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