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  1. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Muhammad "The Cat" Ali

    cat The cat can learn boxing.
  2. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Question What hiding place can you put?

    pipe Maybe a big pipe will do the job.
  3. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    My Ferret

    Extint They are endangered because pesticide from the farmers are killing the prairie dog and the ferret has no food.
  4. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    My Ferret

    HA ha?
  5. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Oscar Care

    More for you to begin an oscar Before you buy If you already keep fish you probably have a good relationship with a particular aquatic centre, maybe more than one. However, if you are new to fish and are looking to buy your first Oscar and please don't walk into a fish store and buy the first...
  6. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Angel Fish Care

    Ty Thank You
  7. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Question MTS Quarantine?

    understand I don't understand.
  8. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    tank mate suggestions

    fishes Many because it is a peaceful fish or if not,
  9. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Apple Snail "BigGuy" My version of Tortoise & the Hare!

    nice It was very nice. Especially, the pleco is actually be moved by the snail because the snail is touching it.
  10. Wilhelm Joshua Tan


    Animal Scene Yes, I saw it in Animal Scene October 2008. You can even keep one. But I don't keep a sturgeon.
  11. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Florida Softshell Turtle

    Barron's is a book company and Turtle and Tortoise is one of their book products. In Avilon Zoo, They've sell their baby captive-bred animals and the babies' parents are the animals in the zoo.
  12. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Help Ocars seem sick

    disease Maybe a disease that is transmitted to your oscar.
  13. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Oscar Photos

    Oscy This is my oscar "Oscy." He is more than 8 months old.
  14. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Angel Fish Care

    Carol Who is Carol, Butterfly?
  15. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Angel Fish Care

    no They eat neon tetra.
  16. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    oscars laid eggs

    eaten Maybe one of them ate the eggs.
  17. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    red-eared slider

    delete May you pls. delete this message.
  18. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Florida Softshell Turtle

    well Well, it is said in Barron's Turtle and Tortoise.
  19. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    Question What Does the Rainbow shark eat?

    food They eat on sinking pellets, flakes, and live food like blood worms, my brother. Forgot, This is my brother, Jacob.
  20. Wilhelm Joshua Tan

    American Alligators

    know I know that but if you are not careful or maybe it thought that you are let say a deer or a raccoon, surely they'll kill you.

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