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  1. jenja

    new arrival

    Woohoooooo!!!!!! Congrats on the new arrival. How exciting!
  2. jenja

    Some random pictures

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
  3. jenja

    Guess what??!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well its finally happened.........I got a new fish tank!!!!!!!!!!! It is a 157 litre tank and stand. It is an upgrade for my Goldfish. Poor little guys have been stuck in my very undersized tank (as recommended by my LFS....i was a complete sucker and trusted them!) but now they will have the...
  4. jenja

    Favorite City....

    I love where i a living right now! I have lived here all my life and even after doing a fair bit of travelling i wouldnt want to live any where else! Other beautiful cities i have visited.....Melbourne, Perth, Bruges, salzburg, Amsterdam, Venice....i could go on and on!
  5. jenja


    Ok....thanks guys! I will feed my little guys some then. It just happened that i was given a brand new unopened bottle of cichlid pellets. I just wanted to make sure it was ok before i gave them any. Thanks again!
  6. jenja


    Hey everyone! Just wanted to know if it is ok to feed Cichlid pellets to Goldfish? My LFS told me that it was ok to......but i just cant trust them. I much prefer to ask all you guys here on Fishlore!
  7. jenja

    Comment by 'jenja' in media 'pearl1'

    Beautiful Goldie!
  8. jenja

    Sharing severums, parrots and tiger barb fry.

    beautiful fish and great pics!! Thanks for sharing.
  9. jenja


    Wow! They are amazing MikeNTX!! Your decorations look great Butterfly! Looks like fun.
  10. jenja


    Take care of yourself Kathy!
  11. jenja

    Snowing In East Tennessee Already

    Well it is starting to get hot here in Queensland, Australia! Our winters are pretty mild really.....we certainly dont get snow where i am! Beautiful pictures Aquarist48!!
  12. jenja

    Fish guilt trips

    Thats funny!
  13. jenja

    The More You Know.......

    Oh....and you sound like you are just the kind of teacher that we dont have enough of iloveengl!
  14. jenja

    The More You Know.......

    I do the exact same thing Kathy! I find when i have read a really great book (i read a lot of non fiction) then i need to get on the net and find out everything i can on that subject. Fishlore is the same......i need to know more and more!! There is always something else to learn and questions...
  15. jenja

    New Additions

    haha Cute names!
  16. jenja

    2.6 gal Aquascape

    Thats gonna look awesome when it is all done! Cant wait to see the finished product!
  17. jenja

    Do you aquascape with both real and artificial plants?

    I think it looks beautiful! I too cant tell the real from the fake!
  18. jenja

    Funny Feed me! Hurry hurry hurry! - Dwarf Gourami

    Gorgeous! You cant help but smile when you watch that!
  19. jenja

    new 240 litre tank :)

    Looks awesome!!

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