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  1. Treefork

    Kribensis Pair

    Tank size is adequate, has this improved any? The female might not be mature yet or vice versa.
  2. Treefork

    Krib Aggression

    Has it improved any? Could be you have two males and the dominant one is chasing the other around.
  3. Treefork

    Return Of An Old Member

    Like a few of us eh Lucy?
  4. Treefork

    Polyester Safe?

    Seems like it would be ok, we always stuffed poly fill into our sump bag for filtration.
  5. Treefork

    Question How Did You Begin The Hobby?

    1). 1992 2) My uncle always had fish tanks, and I always enjoyed going to his house just to see his tanks. 3) I liked the thought of having a pet in my room, and my parents didn't want a dog. 4) 10g tank, 2 juvenile piranha's. Lost interest in them very quickly as they were very skittish and...
  6. Treefork

    Return Of An Old Member

    Funny you posted this. I just logged on for the first time I can remember in a few years.
  7. Treefork

    Hey everyone…lots of new faces

    They come and go and sometimes drop in for visits. I'm a bit of a lurker myself anymore.
  8. Treefork

    Back into the fish hobby

    That's a pretty nice looking stand you built. You neglected to mention you're a Master Woodworker.
  9. Treefork

    Saw something horrific today...

    If you have an animal authority in your area they could possibly address this. I worked at a municipal animal control agency for 5 years. We inspected annually any business that sold animals, and when we got a complaint we would send an officer out. Tank conditions were a common complaint...
  10. Treefork

    youtube special; oscar in planted community tank

    That's crazy. When I got my oscar he was just barely 2" and he lived with about 20 guppies in the 75g. Not 2 weeks later, he started eating them. I moved them out of the tank.
  11. Treefork

    220 Cichlid tank

    I don't know if you want a jag with your oscar, they're considerably more aggressive.
  12. Treefork

    Re-Scaped 55 gal. OPINIONS?

    Looks great, nice work.
  13. Treefork

    Is My Aquarium Level Enough

    That's a little too much lean for my comfort. I would try to shim it up, over time that can cause issues.
  14. Treefork

    all levels are high, need help

    For their schooling habits a 20 would be better, bio-load wise, he's fine, and these are likely juvenile to subadults and not fully grown making the bio-load even lower. Regarding the Tetra Safestart working properly, the bio-load is not overstocked.
  15. Treefork

    all levels are high, need help

    6 danios are not overstocking a 10g tank.
  16. Treefork

    Anthia the Clown Loach has reached 20 years of age.

    This is an amazing feat. Not many fish keepers can say they have successfully kept the same fish for 2 decades. In a world where everything is expendable and a hobby where this can be amplified by attitudes that its "just a fish", I commend you for this care. I graduated high school in '96.
  17. Treefork

    South American Cichlid Stocking Ideas?

    Let me just say that if you get an oscar and only house it by itself, you won't regret using the whole tank for one fish. A single oscar can be housed in a 55g but generally speaking a 75g is more ideal for a fish that will max out at 12+ inches (which is bigger than the front to back depth of...
  18. Treefork

    I Hate Mejer

    We have 3 Meijer where I live in Indiana, and they are much nicer than the 5 Wal-Marts we have. They are a Midwest store.
  19. Treefork

    20 Gallon Tank Possible overstocking, yes or no?

    It's possible if you are feeding the fry a lot and its not getting completely consumed. Up your water changes a bit.
  20. Treefork

    10 Gallon Tank My planted 10g

    Looks nice. 10g tanks are easy to get good light to the plants because they are so shallow.

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