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  1. New2this

    Co2 With Fish. Or Not

    I am planning on doing a carpeted planted tank in my 14g biocube. Never dealt with CO2 system I got a fluval CO2 kit "For up to 30g" < My 1st problem? 1) Since the kit is for up to 30g and I have a 14g Do I got to set it up different? or get the proper size one? There is a kit for up to a 14g...
  2. New2this

    Clueless On What Ferts To Get

    I have a 14g Biocube that I am making into a planted tank. Trying to make a carpet with dwarf hair, among other plants I might pick up on the way. I have a co2 that I am nervous on setting. Never messed with one before. Accidentally bought the co2 kit a size to big. ( Up to 30g) Any fert I...
  3. New2this

    30 Gallon Co2 Kit For 14 Gallon Tank?

    Hello all, I recently bought a co2 kit and mistakenly i bought it for up to 30g. ( I have a 14g ) will that be an issue? Or should I get the right size one? ALSO... I NEVER messed with co2 before. Excited and nervous. trying to to a carpet in my biocube. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  4. New2this

    Help Kribensis Parents

    Just got my first fry's from my Kribensis. The problem is that now there are AGGressive!! They pushed all the other occupants to one side of the tank. And still the male goes out his way to chase to others that are nowhere near them! What to do??
  5. New2this

    Help Removing Snail Invasion!

    At first, I started to see about 3-5 snails in my tank. I thought, Cool - they can eat the unwanted algae.. But after a month those 3 turned into 30+!!!! What can I do to control this population? Certain Fish maybe?
  6. New2this

    Introducing Plants

    I am starting from scratch. I have purchased CaribSea Torpedo Sand Quick Start. (Cycles the water) Since I am using this sand, when can I start putting in plants? Or do i gotta have fish in it first?
  7. New2this

    90G Flat back Hex Tank

    I am almost done in actually starting my tank up. Did my research in my lineup, Plants,Substrate Etc. But now I debating about the heater. Should I get just 1 300W heater and place it in the middle of the tank? OR Get 2 150W and place them on both ends of the tank? What brand?
  8. New2this

    First Time getting Driftwood. What to do?

    I heard that you can boil it for couple of hours and submerge it for weeks for tannins. But what if the driftwood is to big for any pot I got? what then? Here is what I am thinking of getting : Any Suggestions/Advise?
  9. New2this

    Cat Pees on EVERYTHING!!

    I had this cat for about 3 yrs (Indoor Cat). The past 6 months she has been peeing on everything! Clothes, plastic bags but her favorite spot is my bed... I had cats before in my past and NEVER had a problem like this! I changed her litter, Cleaned it everyday, but to no avail! It came to a...
  10. New2this

    Rainbow Shark TankMates

    I about to set up a planted 90G Tank. I had a RBS before housed in a community tank with great success in a 55G!!! (Had to get rid of tank) After all my research I got this Lineup: 2 Angel Fish 4 Pearl Gourami 2 Ram Cichlid ( Dont know if the Electric blue or not) 6+ea cory (Panda & Skunk) 5...
  11. New2this

    My Lineup for my tank? Advice/Suggestions?

    Hello all... I have a 90G Hex Flat Back tank that I am starting up for a planted community tank. ( Java Fern/Java Moss/ Anubis) After research and talking to experienced fish keepers, there advise/suggestions : 2 - Angel Fish 4 - Pearl Gouramis 2 - Electric Ram Cichlids 10+ - Cardinal Tetras 6...

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