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    Salt in freshwater planted tank to be avoided?

    In a planted tank with the following plants and with only fish as the inhabitants (no other fauna, no scale-less fish such as loaches): green cabomba banana amazon sword java fern java moss 1 other stem "with delicate looking long leaves" of which I dont know the name is it ok if...
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    Root tabs: API & Seachem Flourish

    Hi all, Seems like an LFS will be able to get me API root tabs. Anyone with experience using them? Mine is a low tech, low light tank with no CO2 injection, no liquid carbon dosing. "Root plants" include: amazon sword, banana, green crypt wendtii, ozelot sword. Have people experienced water...
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    Plants with requirements similar to green Cabomba

    Ok, I hope this question makes sense: I have green cabomba thriving in my low tech tank, no injected CO2, no liquid carbon, etc, natural sand substrate, using liquid ferts & fish waste for fertilization. Are there any other plants that are similar in requirement to cabomba that would also...
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    Cabomba good growth but lower leaves browning

    Hi, I redid my very low tech planted tank substrate around end of December and planted a bunch of cabomba. The substrate is fine natural sand, has small (3-4mm) shells in it too. There is a bit of controsoil in it too (think of controsoil as similar to Eco Complete). Ratio of sand to contro...
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    Small schooling fish (White Cld Mtn Mnw, Rummy Nose)

    Hi, Do White Cloud Mountain Minnows school with Rummy Nose Tetras? My LFS has both and I liked both. Thinking of maybe getting them. Thanks!
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    How to plant Banana plant?

    I've read this: but would like to know how to plant this plant in the substrate. I know for amazons, the rhizome should be above the substrate. Any such hints for bananas? Thanks!
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    Natural planted tank: Contro soil experience, anyone?

    I would like to understand how to use Contro aquarium soil in a planted tank. Anyone have experience with that? This is their website: . I would have expected their website to tell what are the different ways to use their soil for the best results along with instructions but...
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    Freshwater shrimp and snails: basic questions

    Hey FL, Happy New Year! I am not a newbie so far as planted aquariums with fish go. But I've never kept snails and shrimp. I am interested in making an NPT - natural planted tank - think Walstad if you will. I see that people add snails and shrimp to their tanks. My questions may sound...
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    DIY CO2 newbie

    If I can get point for point answers below that would be great! Appreciate it. 1. DIY CO2 with a SUMP is the safest method of doing DIY, isnt it? 2. When I get the CO2 connected to my tank and then its running do I need to keep monitoring anything/any parameters? 3. Toward the end of the...
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    Snails: basic questions

    I have absolutely no experience with snails. I have only a little knowledge. At my LFS there was this ~1.5cm diameter fully yellow snail. They did not know its species. Probably this is the closest but not exactly the same...
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    Chinese Algae Eater: have i done a big mistake?

    Was at this LFS I newly found. The guy said he has 30 years exp with fish keeping. He says the CAE is a good fish to help with algae control. Very very unlike me, without researching I went ahead and bought a 1 inch CAE thinking here's a reasonably priced fish that will carry out a useful...
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    Low tech planted tank maintenance

    In my low tech planted tank, I do my weekly gravel vacs. There is one side of my tank that doesnt have plants so its the easier to clean (siphon off all the dirt). The other side is heavily planted (cabomba, wisteria, ozelot sword). So far I had been on an experiment learning plants and which...
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    Self sustaining ultra lo tech planted tank

    Hi, my ultimate aim is to have a tank thats very low maintenance, especially if I can keep the vacuuming & algae cleanups to a minimum, that would be fantastic. I may not be able to achieve it 100% because the fish I love and have are getting big & maybe producers of slightly more waste than...
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    Foggy water/green tinge

    Tank: 42g, 36x18x15 inches 50% of my tank floor is covered by live plants, 80% doing fine, others not so much. Tank setup in early October and has had great clear water till last week. The last fish I added was 2 weeks ago, 1 pearl gourami. There have been no fish deaths in this tank at all...
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    Homemade food for specific fish

    I tried googling a bit and also read some recipe stickies on this forum but couldnt find specific answers so decided to ask this question as its specific. Here are the fish I would like to feed: angelfish GBR pearl & dwarf gourami betta What are the best foods available at home that...
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    Question Pearl gourami colors

    Is there a minimum age or size when PGs start showing their orange color - especially the males? I saw some males at an LFS which were around 1.5 inch and they didnt have much orange to them (practically missing fully), and the horizontal black band which runs across their bodies was hardly...
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    Anabantid tank question

    I have a spare 15g tank lying around. Can I just keep a betta and/or 2-3 gourami s in it WITHOUT aeration and filtration? Those will be the only fish in it. It will be low tech, live planted and there will be water changes. Thanks.
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    Suggestions for bright colored fish for long finned tankmates

    Want to add color to my 42g tank. What would you suggest are good tankmates that are brightly colored for existing fish that mostly have long flowing fins. What I am getting at is there shouldnt be any fin nipping issues. Here are the long finned existing fish: angelfish male pearl gourami male...
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    Case study - low tech planted tank - I am stumped

    I have been observing my relative's planted tank, also talking to him and here are some details. I am stumped how it works. Have you similar stories to tell? Tank size approx: 2.5 ft x 15 inch x15inch, probably less then 30g. Stock: 5 full grown tiger barbs, 3 red tail sharks about 4 inches...
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    GBRs spawned

    Hi, My german blue rams spawned today. Life is amazing... a month ago this female had jumped out of the tank and upon seeing her on the floor, flipping, I put her back into the tank. Dont know how long she was out of the water. After I put her in the water she just sunk to the floor upside...

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