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  1. TJW

    Metro Detroit?

    Any clubs in the general vicinity metro Detroit?
  2. TJW

    Acei In The Airstone

    I have a question about my yellow tail acei. He will swim against the airstone or jet up with the bubbles. Is there an issue here or just a fish being a fish? He dosent seem bothered by it and will go find a rock to hide by when hes done playing.
  3. TJW

    My Fish Room

    I am finally at a spot where the tanks are good (mostly!) The big 90 is finally fully stocked and looking good! The 20 L is stocked (even with some uninvited guests) and the 29 guppy tank is gaining new members (and fighting off a little green water in the process).
  4. TJW

    Need That Signature Fish Or "fishes"

    I finally have the 55 all set up how I want it to look after 2 months of shifting things around and stocking with the plants I like. Now Im just missing that 1 or 2 fish that will cap off the tank. I think the tank needs that signature top or mid swimmer, I was leaning towards angels but im...
  5. TJW

    Need 20 Gallon Tank Ideas

    My 20 gallon planted tank is just about ready for fish. I am in need of some ideas on what fish to stock it with? Currently I have a 29 gal guppy tank and a 75 gal community tank with 4 betta females, an albino rainbow shark, some danios, ottos, corys, 2 fox, 2 swords and 2 gouramis.
  6. TJW

    Newest Addition

    My lfs finally got in some nice looking rams'. I grabbed this little guy before they were all gone.
  7. TJW

    Question Is This Guppy Pregnant?

    I just got these guppies a few days ago from my lfs. Im guessing yes, but I have no reference to go on. Any help?
  8. TJW

    Question Types Of Danios

    Will different types of danios school together? Currently I have 2 zebra but have upgraded to a much larger tank and am thinking of adding 8-10 more. I just dont know if I should only get zebras or mix in other types also? Thanks!
  9. TJW

    Upgraded Tank Size

    Just finished upgrading back to my old 75 tank. Possibly looking to add a few more fish but may just let the 12 smaller ones have the extra space for awhile. Currently have 2 gouramis, 2 small mollies, 4 danios and 2 female betta. Any thoughts or suggestions on possible additions?
  10. TJW

    Please Help Identify These Plants.

    I need some assistance in identifying these plants if anyone can help?

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