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  1. MD Angels

    New Job! ;D

    Thanks everyone! ;D It really feels great to be back at work. Congrats yourself, brodylane! It really is rewarding when you are doing something you enjoy. Especially when you feel like you are making a difference. Its been hard relying on only one income, but things are really looking up for...
  2. MD Angels

    New Job! ;D

    As some of you may have noticed, my presence has been scarce these last few weeks. Well, after a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance, I finally secured a full time career, in the organization I've been working so hard for, for so long! I had been working a casual position for...
  3. MD Angels

    Is there any type of snail a Loach won't eat?

    I would do the bn pleco over the mysteries. As mysteries age, they really tend to get lazy about eating algae. Really not the most effective algae eaters. Nerites are really the best as snails go for eating algae. However, I would not do snails with the loach. BN plecos are really cute. Go with...
  4. MD Angels

    Can't decide which one...!

    At first I thought, sailfin, but then I thought- its in a pond, how can you even see it to appreciate it? So I'd go with the common.
  5. MD Angels

    Upgrading Again! ;D

    Lol I hope I get it in soon too! Kinda crazy to drive it around all over the place! Lol
  6. MD Angels

    Upgrading Again! ;D

    Got the tank! Turns out, it's a thick glass, and very heavy. My bf and her husband put it in the car. Problem is, we now can't get it out of the car! Lol it's too heavy for me to help, and it's too large and heavy for him. Lol so it's going to stay there until we can get a strong friend to help...
  7. MD Angels

    Question Which snails

    What about nerites? They come in a variety of types, stay small, and do an excellent job cleaning algae. I would get about 3 or 4. Don't worry though, they can't reproduce in freshwater, so you'll never have to worry about a population explosion.
  8. MD Angels

    The WILD side! - 100gal build thread (56k Warning)

    Wow, those are some beautiful discus! They must be getting very well taken care of!
  9. MD Angels

    As an early birthday present to myself

    Nice! Happy early birthday!
  10. MD Angels

    Really cool video of my baby apples and bladder snails!

    Thanks, its a canon power shot elph100hs. I have another video that I managed to get closer. Those faces are just so cute! ;p lol
  11. MD Angels

    Really cool video of my baby apples and bladder snails!

    Finally, I managed to get this video uploaded lol So here it is - my baby apple snails, about 2-3 weeks. It starts off with the apple snails, but the grumpy bladder snails soon steal the show! lol 2 points of interest: The first bladder snail on the left has his penile sheath fully extended...
  12. MD Angels

    Question albino mystery snail

    Yeah, that sound like an albino, but I've never seen one. Ivory are either a very faint, pale yellow, off-white, or white shells, and their bodies range from pale to yellow with degrees of speckling. Apples have brown/red/black/orange eyes, so it may not actually be a true albino. Can you post a...
  13. MD Angels

    Upgrading Again! ;D

    Ok, he figured it out. I was using iphoto, but it I could not send videos from there, so I (ok, he) had to install imovies! Thanks, though, Cichlidnut. I'm going to post it separately soon Edit: imovie is now in the process of automatically (thank goodness) transferring all my movies from...
  14. MD Angels

    Upgrading Again! ;D

    I tried but its saying there is something wrong with the video???
  15. MD Angels

    Upgrading Again! ;D

    Aw, that's too bad! You could have kept it in there, actually. Go get another! (unless it was for bioload reasons). They only get close to a ping pong ball size, most not even. Females generally are larger though. I'm asking my computer savvy bf when he gets off at lunch to help me with the...
  16. MD Angels

    Can't figure out what's wrong with Simon - betta

    Lol wow! I would have loved to see that! Oscarbud, I have a 20 long betta tank set up with dividers, with 4 males. 2 of them could care less who they are neighbors with, while the other 2 get territorial around feeding time. I don't feel they are stressed out a lot though. It could work.
  17. MD Angels

    New Setup! Need help stocking.

    Just a misunderstanding, Jason. Please give FL another chance. I have been a member here for a couple of years now, and I assure you - it's the best forum out there! Mike, I just need to point out , that I was the one that initially referred Natasha to our lfs, Critter jungle and mentioned...
  18. MD Angels

    Can't figure out what's wrong with Simon - betta

    Just one word of caution for the female betta. I just lost mine, and I'm pretty sure she was egg bound. I had her in a 10 gallon, next to the betta boy's tank, and I think this is what caused it. She often had her mating bars on, and when I found her dead, her belly looked big, but no other...
  19. MD Angels

    Upgrading Again! ;D

    Apple snails In the 30, I'm only keeping the 2 canas. The rest of the apples get sold off soon, about a dozen left. The 65 will be home to the canas, and a grow out for the baby diffusas (2 species of apple). Right now I have 2-3 week old diffusas in the 10 gallon "nursery". They will go...
  20. MD Angels

    The Survivors of the Great Purge in April 2012

    Lol. I have the same issue with my bladder snails. Its amazing how tough those little things are!

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