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  1. tanksalot

    Characteristics of Live Snails

    Hey guys. Okay I bought a new black mystery snail yesterday and it still hasn't moved. How can I tell if it is dead? Thanks!
  2. tanksalot

    pH Levels In Tank

    Hi! Okay so I had my water tested and my pH levels were low-ish. (It was more of a orange/yellow than a dark orange.) So I have Prime and I will definitely use that and after I use my Prime and let it cycle, I will have to, of course, so about a 25% water change. By the way, this is a 40 gallon...
  3. tanksalot

    Odd Red-Tail Shark Deaths?!

    Hello everyone! I am new to FishLore today (yay) and I thought I would ask a question. Before I start: I have a 38 gallon tank with an Angelfish (not aggressive AT ALL), an African Spotted Leaf Fish, four tetras. At the time of the death, I was using an algae liquid to help get rid of some of...

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