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  1. mirp448

    How To: Cheap DIY Betta Tank with Stuff from the Dollar Store

    Hey guys, I made a little video guide for setting up a cheap tank with only stuff from the dollar store/walmart/etc intended for people (mostly on facebook, not you guys) who say they can't afford anything bigger than a bowl for their betta to show them an alternative that also costs as little...
  2. mirp448

    How to stop tail biting?

    Hey guys, I'm at my wit's end here; it seems like no matter what I try, my boy keeps ending up with torn fins. I've come to the conclusion he must just be tail biting. I've never physically seen him do it, and I watch him like 80% of the day, but I have seen him turn around and be able to reach...
  3. mirp448

    Show me your betta tanks/filters!

    Forgive me if theres been a thread like this already posted, I couldn't find anything. Anyway, some Facebook groups I'm in are very disheartening and driving me crazy because people post pictures of their bettas in bowls and when someone comments polite advice to get a bigger/filtered tank a...
  4. mirp448

    Does the Back to the Roots "self-cleaning" water garden work?

    So I was at the grocery store today and saw one of these aquaponics "grow your own food with a fish!!1" tanks with a betta inside and cringed. I felt bad for the lil fish being stuck in one of these tiny tanks relying on plant roots to "clean the water" but then I noticed the setup did have a...
  5. mirp448

    Snail-friendly fish?

    I have a 20 gal long that I'm planning on setting up in the future which will primarily be a mystery snail tank. But I was thinking a top/middle swimming fish or two might be a nice addition as well. But I can't think of anything that would for sure fit perfectly. Anyone have any ideas for...
  6. mirp448

    Finrot/dropsy(?) - should I medicate again?

    Hi all, I was hoping not to have to make another help thread like this but my betta is still sick, and getting worse. He's been fighting fin rot for a few months now, and after keeping the water clean didn't work, I decided to medicate him with furan 2 and kanaplex. More details about the...
  7. mirp448

    Do nerite snails eat diatoms?

    I've heard that they eat all kinds of algae but I just wanted to see if anyone had personal experience with controlling brown algae/diatoms bc I'm having a small outbreak in my 10 gal and a nerite is the only type of dude small enough to add to my snail family without overstocking
  8. mirp448

    Do you dilute methylene blue before swabbing?

    My fish has pretty bad fin rot and I read that using meth blue to swab wounds directly can be helpful to heal fins and detect exactly where the infected areas are. I'm already about to treat in tank with antibiotics and I don't wanna stress my fish any more with baths or anything but I thought...
  9. mirp448

    Microbe Lift Artemiss ingredients?

    I'm still fighting fin rot with my betta Ani and I went to Petco to finally get some antibiotics but I didn't realize they had such a poor selection of medicines. They didn't have any antibiotics like I wanted so the employee suggested I use , an herbal remedy which she said they use on all...
  10. mirp448

    What is wrong with my bettas' fins?

    "Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster, and unfortunately my first thread is less than good :/ Anyway, I have two bettas who suddenly seem to be having problems with their fins and I don't know what to do. They're in separate tanks so idk if the problems are related or not, so I'll...

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