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  1. aoiumi

    Stressful Ph Fish In Tank

    What Chanyl said, pH of 8.0 is likely fine. The pH range of fish is much wider than is normally thought of, I believe it's broken into 6.0 or less, 6.0 to 8.4~ish, and 8.4 and above, as there are large changes in the water from one of those three fields to the next, but a stable pH is far more...
  2. aoiumi

    Algae Taking Over My Tank. Help!

    nerite or ramshorn snails. (nerites eggs won't hatch in freshwater, ramshorns if you don't mind snails forever, like me.)
  3. aoiumi

    Aoiumi Interview

    bendresbach is right, it does mean the blue sea in Japanese. (my picture is aoiumi in the Japanese script.) It does have a bit of a deeper meaning - meaning I love Japan! I'm learning the language right now, and I've always loved the culture.
  4. aoiumi

    Nitrite Toxicity

    So, after reading this a few times, some things I think should be pointed out: This isn't just about what level will kill fish, but what level will cause them to deviate from normal behavior. I'll admit, I didn't really understand some of the papers, but they seem to only talk of whether the...
  5. aoiumi

    Two Uncycled Betta Tanks. Le Sigh.

    Well I think you already know my opinion. Whatever you go with, good luck!
  6. aoiumi

    How Do I Heavily Plant A Tank

    I have a 5.5 gal (22L) betta tank, and I want to heavily plant it. Right now I have java ferns, an anubias, some duckweed, and an unknown rooting plant that A) is doing better than the rest combined, and B) seems to be a rooting bacopa. I wasn't planning on getting it and it's a happy surprise...
  7. aoiumi

    Does Charcoal Actually Release Stuff When It Gets Too Old?

    I know I don't need it, but if I didn't bother to take it out would it cause problems? I used the cartridge the filter came with plus a ton of filter floss, but would it cause problems if I just left it there? Does charcoal decay and cause problems, or just release whatever it had picked up...
  8. aoiumi

    What’s Tearing My Betta’s Fins?

    Something about medications: If this is stress, indian almond leaves or their extract would probably work best. Turn your tank into a blackwater tank and suddenly, the water itself is a hide. Plus it can help with healing.
  9. aoiumi

    Seeding A New Betta Tank.

    I don't think you should have much of one, but my advice for nitrites would be the same - water change if it gets over .25, and dose with prime. There's a bit of a debate over how useful prime actually is for nitrites, and how dangerous nitrites really are, but it currently seems like it can...
  10. aoiumi

    Does Charcoal Actually Release Stuff When It Gets Too Old?

    If I was using a carbon in my filter, would I need to change it at some point, or if I don't need it anymore could I just forget about it?
  11. aoiumi

    Cycle Stuck?

    Yeah, at 5 minutes is your reading, but it will get darker until it just can't get any darker.
  12. aoiumi

    Seeding A New Betta Tank.

    Feed sparingly (just as much as he will eat in a minute or two once a day) and check ammonia every day. 25% water change with prime if it gets above .25. Normal 25% water changes every week, as a 5 gal is far more forgiving than a 1 gal. There isn't an exact science to this, but the general...
  13. aoiumi

    Seeding A New Betta Tank.

    Hmm, I understand. So, my thought prosses here is that the tank he's in might not be fully cycled, and if not cycled moving everything into the 5 gal will mean ammonia will take far longer to build up. (still less than a week, but it takes no time at all for it to build up in a 1gal.) If, on...
  14. aoiumi

    Seeding A New Betta Tank.

    Well, unless you add a source of ammonia, (pure ammonia is the easiest to control, fish food is often on hand, or just add the fish and feed sparingly,) nothing is going to happen in the new tank and after about a week the bacteria will die. This is a simple guide to cycling. Four Methods of...
  15. aoiumi

    Using Ro Water In Blackwater Aquariums

    What are you trying to keep at such a low pH?
  16. aoiumi

    Seeding A New Betta Tank.

    Hm. While not the best way of doing things, because you've kept replacing the filter media, most of your good bacteria is likely in the decor instead. You can use some of it to seed the larger tank, but I really would recommend moving everything, fish and snail as well, because right now you...
  17. aoiumi

    Fish For A Betta Tank

    Note: There's a lot of controversy about schooling/shoaling fish. I think the standard is "add more until there is no change in behavior" and while a small school of 6-8 might not be bad, I know some people wouldn't call it good either.
  18. aoiumi

    Seeding A New Betta Tank.

    Could you post a picture of the inside of the filter? The important part about a filter is the gallons per hour. That tells you how much of the water is being filtered every hour. I think (?? I know the minimum for a 10 gal is 75 gph) it's like 50 gph for a 5 gal. Read this article on how to...

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