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    Comment by 'James105' in media 'IMG_20191003_194150'

    It's very hard to say, but it looks like some type of eggs to me. I'd snip that Val and put it in the bin before you get something uninvited
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    Algae Taking Over My Tank. Help!

    Thank you for your message! I have Seachem flourish and bottled CO2, I add a cap full in with my water changes that I normally do weekly. Do you think I should be adding more than that? Also, I am a total newbie in terms of plants. The large Amazon sword I have in the centre of the tank, for the...
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    Algae Taking Over My Tank. Help!

    Thanks for all your replies guys. I haven't cleaned my filter or tested nitrates for a while so perhaps this is the reason for it, along with too much light. Instead of Hydrogen Pyroxide, could I use a standard algae killer from the bottle to kill black beard? I don't wan't to add any fish and...
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    Algae Taking Over My Tank. Help!

    The light is on 12 hours off 12 hours I have 5 dwarf chain loaches In there. I worry they will kill any snails I put in?
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    Algae Taking Over My Tank. Help!

    Hi Guys, I recently set up a new tank and tried live plants out. The planets themselves seem to be in decent shape, but there is this black long and wavy algae growing on the surfaces of pretty much everything in the tank, and I have no clue how to get rid of it. I have attached pics. Thanks!
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    Honey Gourami Acting Nuts

    Hi Guys, I recently got a pair of Honey Gourami, one Yellow and one Sunset. Yellow guy has settled in fine but Sunset seems to be bonkers. He is "pacing" across the aquarium glass and rarely stops, mostly for food. Visually he looks healthy, I have included some pics of him. The tank is a 33...
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    Is My Set Up Good For A Betta?

    Hi mate. Your off to a good start. 26 is a good temp, the light indicates that the heater is on and heating to the set temp. I can see you have no substrate, I would reccomend that while you haven't got the fish in yet, that you go get a bag from the fish shop. You can simply pour it into a...
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    Help! Newbie To A Planted Tank. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Ok cool I have planted it into the substrate still with the foam ring at the base of the roots. Is that correct?
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    Help! Newbie To A Planted Tank. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Ok thanks for the info, that is exactly the look I am after! It might be a stupid question, but should I trim the plant in the tank or can I pull it out and snip it so that it doesn't go all over the tank?
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    Help! Newbie To A Planted Tank. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Hi Guys, So I have recently set up a new 33 Gal. I have included real plants for the first time and I am having some trouble. My substrate is Caribsea EcoComplete, and I have bottled CO2 and Seachem flourish that I am adding once or week a so. My tank is a Fluval Roma 125 and I'm using the...
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    Snail Infestation?!

    Hey I always "bath" new aquarium plants in snail killer and run them under the tap before adding them into my tank. I once had such a massive infestation that they totally took over the tank, I could barely see in. Even though I completely emptied my tank, thoroughly cleaned everything and re...
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    What To Do About Sick Dwarf Gourami?

    It's hard to say what it could be. How long have you had him in your tank? Have you checked all your water levels etc? is it showing any visual signs of disease such as spots or damaged fins?
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    Total Newbie Here. My Betta Has Two Weird Spots On Him. What Could This Be?

    Hey, Ich or ick is a parasitic disease that causes white dots or spots on the skin of betta fish. It can be prevented by changing the water regularly and ensuring proper filtration/chemical balance. Check the link below to see if your Betta has any of these issues: How to Tell if a Betta...
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    Tiger Barb Behavior, Protractors And You...a Diy Question

    Hey. I kept Tiger barbs for about 3 years. They are funny little quirky fish and everyone is diferent. I could not say I know what the behaviour you have described specifically is, but I can say the biggest indicator to me that something was wrong was when the Tiger barbs slow up and start...
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    Help My Fish Are Dying

    I used to clean my filter pads with tap water when I didn't know any better and to be honest, I can't say I recall any major problems. However, what is in water? it's diferent for everyone but commonly you have chlorine, flouride, certain minerals and elements etc. Why would you clean your...
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    Emergency: What Can I Do Save The Remaining Fish (ph Level Increased By Water Change)

    Sorry I miss understood. I believe you want 7.8 -8.6 PH for African Cichlids right? I have never done this myself so I would definitely put some research into it, but I have read that a common method of raising the PH is by adding baking soda directly into the tank. If the fish are at the top...
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    Emergency: What Can I Do Save The Remaining Fish (ph Level Increased By Water Change)

    Hi mate, What fish have you got? If you need to lower the PH quickly then I suggest another 25% water change and perhaps add a chemical product from the fish shop that is designed to the lower the PH. If you haven't already, install an air pump to increase the aeration. What substrate do you...
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    Help 38g Stocking Help

    Hey, I am assuming the person you are doing this for is a beginner. If so, I would go for some colorful but hardy fish, that school nicely and are fun to watch without being too demanding. Based on the assumtion that you have a good filter set up on the tank, I would go for: 15 Neon Cardinal...
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    Help My Fish Are Dying

    Sorry for my slow reply. You can do your weekly water changes whenever is easiest for you. I do mine on the weekend or if it looks like it needs doing. Simply take 25% out and put 25% back in. In regards to the filter, I would say in your curcumstances, once a month you should take your filter...
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    Help My Fish Are Dying

    It would be hard to pinpoint your exact problem, but I would assume your fish are suffering from disease as a result of a water quality problem. As by means of immediate action, I would do a 25% change every two days with a dose of a bacterium product like API quickstart, along with a dose of...

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