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    Denied Fish From Petco - Scenario - Was I Out Of Line

    I find no problem at all with your setup I have a 20 gallon Long with similar stocking and filtration. I too do weekly water changes on my three tanks and nitrates are alway 20 PPM or below. However, I calculate stocking levels based, not on gallons, but surface area of tank The inch per gallon...
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    Question What's The Difference Between Seacham (sp) Prime And Water Conditioner?

    Ithink that a a test that measures free ammonia and not total ammonia should be marketed. Free ammonia is the unionized (toxic) form. You could have high total ammonia and low free ammonia. Prime works by ionizing ammonia into ammonium which isn't toxic. This however , is temporary. Ammonium...
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    Hi Everybody!

    Thanks everybody, for your warm welcome. Well my 20 long is up again. Got some serpae tetras (10)at my local petco, but about three days later, I noticed two of them had their mouths open all the time. Two days later another two had the same problem Now all four have died. My ten gallon platy/...
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    Zebra Danio Questions

    Ifed it dried and minced very fine they got to it in the surface just fine.
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    Hi Everybody!

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Hi Everybody!

    Hi, everybody. I came across this community and have decided to join I'm an ex Naval officer living alone in a senior housing facility after i suffered a stroke. I first started with fishkeeping about 52 years ago. i've taken up the hobby again in this past year or so.Things have really changed...
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    Zebra Danio Questions

    I have fed peas when they're constipated.
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    Question Zebra Danio Issue

    Lokks more constipated than egg bound

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