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  1. Littlewoman01

    Woolly Senicio Shriveling Up

    Thank you! I watered it a day or two ago (like a LOT of water) and it is actually starting to perk up. So maybe I just never gave it enough water in the past. Idk it was weird
  2. Littlewoman01

    Woolly Senicio Shriveling Up

    I've had woolly senicios in the past and they all shriveled up and died, but I really love the plant so I bought a new one to try again. It is much larger than the first ones (I thought I'd have better luck with it because it must be healthier) but it is just beginning to shrivel up like the...
  3. Littlewoman01

    Leopard Gecko Question

    Yes you can house two leopard geckos in the 10 gallon, and you can do a male and female! When you get them I'd love to see pics of them! Wish you all the luck!
  4. Littlewoman01

    Question For The Gamers On Here

    So... I messed up.... I wanted to let my mom try and play Ark: Survival Evolved on my Xbox One. So foolishly I deleted my first and only world I worked on so hard, to make one for her thinking maybe I would just make a better world on this one.... Well, I regret is soooo much now. I...
  5. Littlewoman01

    Question Wondering About Another Axolotl

    It's been awhile since I've asked anything on here, but I've got a new question. Can I add a second axolotl to my 30 gallon tank? I have one axolotl in the 30 already, and he's almost a year old. He's not aggressive at all, he has lived peacefully the whole time I've had him with three...
  6. Littlewoman01

    Looking For Tank Suggestions

    Ok, yeah I'd like to see a picture of that! Thanks for the reply! I am kind of looking more for something glass though, just because it's on a shelf in my room and I'm hoping to make it look pretty like a display tank, but functional for both hamsters.
  7. Littlewoman01

    Looking For Tank Suggestions

    I have two dwarf hamsters (just got the second one today!) And they are now in a 10-gallon divided tank. That is way to small for them, I know, but it's temporary. Does anyone have any tank suggestions? I don't want a super tall tank, so I thought the "Detolf" from Ikea would work great, but I...
  8. Littlewoman01

    Question What Is This Plant?

    Just found this plant at a grocery store, and got it because it looks really cool. Does anyone know what it is? I thought it was a crown of thorns but I looked that up and realized it wasn't the same.
  9. Littlewoman01

    Question Demanding Bunny Help

    I can say confidently, that she is definitely now scared of me lol, I don't know if she is scared of anything actually I know she doesn't like to be held, because she runs to her cage. But my other bunny, who is in the same xlarge dog kennel as her loves to fall asleep in my arms so yeah, very...
  10. Littlewoman01

    Important Learning From Others Mistakes

    Hey everybody! I wanted to creat this threat for people to share the mistakes they have made in caring for their pets, in order for others to read and learn to avoid these mistakes. Goodness knows I've made a good deal of mistakes in the past, and I have learned from them. Keep it...
  11. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    That is amazing! I love how you decorated that. When I get White's your going to have to show me how to do that lol!
  12. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    ok, that makes sense, or I might wait for Petco to do they're dollar per gallon sale. Alright, you're probably right, I think right now it's probably the safer bet to let them go. I always feel guilty taking them from the wild, you know? Especially because when I was little and lived here...
  13. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    Yes I live how cute they are! Would one White's fit in the 5 temporarily? And yeah I'd love to see yours! I'm just trying to feed them freeze dried crickets, I cut them up so they are smaller for them, but they have no interest. They were from when I had the other Grey's a year ago, she was a...
  14. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    Thank you so much! My lab is 12 years old, and such a sweet and funny dog! I will add some branches soon, but right now I'm having a hard time getting them interested in eating... So if it comes down to it, I may have to release them back to where I found them. Maybe if that happens I could get...
  15. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    Here are the pics of my pets! Monty and his tank, Nova and her's, Isabell and Noah (bunnies) playing outside, ten gal tropical, Dakota (black lab), betta, and frogs!
  16. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    Yes that is my axolotl in my profile pic! That was when he (Monty) was still in a ten gallon tank, but that tank cracked at 3a.m. so it spilled everywhere on my floor lol! So he's now in the 30 gallon, I'll put the picture of the tank in a different post I'm thinking maybe getting a foal, to...
  17. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    The cage I have the Grey's in is a 5 gallon average tank. I know it should be taller, but since I just found them today I just used what I had on hand. It would be great if I could keep them together, but you have very good points. I would love to keep White's in a separate tank, but right now...
  18. Littlewoman01

    Important How Old Are My Axolotl

    I don't know exactly the age, but I'm guessing around six months or so? They grow supper fast! I read something that said 4.5 inch is about 4-6 months so he could be even 7 or 8 months! Good luck with them, they are very fun to care for!
  19. Littlewoman01

    Question Two Different Types Of Tree Frogs Together?

    Hey, it's been awhile! I just found two Grey's Tree Frogs in my backyard umbrella, I've kept these guys in the past and have always released them around a year later, back to where I found them. These guys I found today are babies, so I want to keep them as long as I can. I have all of...

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