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  1. Tunafish389

    Led Lighting Rgb

    I added some LED's to my tank after one ballast failed. Then bought ballast .. The other failed. My question is I had a roll of RGB LEDs (no white) I am running all colors and have a blueish tint. Is this ok or should I get a white LED spectrum?
  2. Tunafish389

    Welcome Me!

    First tank was at 15. Had four tanks in the last 20 years. I don't have a green thumb for keeping fish alive. I have changed to cold water feeder fish due to this. My favorite fish are the swords, red tail shark and Plecos. My current set up is 65 gallon with 9 feeders that been in tank year...
  3. Tunafish389

    Plecos Fin Color

    I have a common Plecos that has started to develop reddish brown on the tip of his fins. He/she is dark grey with tan spots (common fish store sucker). The coloring on his fins all the way down the tip of each fin, about a a millmeter of color. He's about two inches, eats good and is active. I...

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