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  1. clinton1621

    Anyone into guns?

    Heres a few more pics... image image image image
  2. clinton1621

    Anyone into guns?

    You could have probably made some more $$ if you had offered to train them... or at least that would have "got their goats" extra good HAHA!
  3. clinton1621

    Anyone into guns?

    Thats a pretty good shot with a .22 rifle with open sights!! Lets see... 300 feet would be 100 yards, which is nearing the max average accuracy range for a .22 round, I bet all those guys were tucking tail after that LOL.
  4. clinton1621

    Anyone into guns?

    I actually havent been hunting in years... I used to live in SE Ohio which is largely wooded forests, now I live in SW Ohio which is largely concrete and bulidings LOL. My wife was Security Forces in the AF, so luckily she doesnt have an issue with weapons... never thought about the getting...
  5. clinton1621

    Anyone into guns?

    Recently acquired a couple of new ones myself, a Ruger 10/22 and a SA XDm 9... heres a couple of pics, image image image
  6. clinton1621

    AH! This is TERRIBLE!

    Its not much different from the betta in a vase trend... not any better either, but it is an interesting conversation piece, look how many people are talking about it LOL.
  7. clinton1621

    the truth about people

    Hmmmm.... if you locked people in a room they couldnt escape from they wouldnt (couldnt) abandon you either. Take your fish to a lake / pond / stream / etc. and test that out LOL
  8. clinton1621

    This is THE WORST

    Hmm... nobody complains that a lobster is cooked alive, it may not be alive when you eat it, but I'm not seeing a big difference there. Predators also dont wait for prey to die to eat them, that may be animalistic but why not judge animals for cruelty to animals? Not defending the actions...
  9. clinton1621

    Guys with huge tanks.

    I'd have a walk through tunnel type aquarium, SW with some various sharks, rays, and a good mix of various fish... that would be pretty sweet, and you could charge admission when your friends come over LOL!!
  10. clinton1621

    55 Gallon Tank Would this be too much?

    Bioload wise there shouldnt be an issue IMO
  11. clinton1621

    Ph Drop After Water Change

    Your tapwater having a high pH doesnt mean that its stable, it could be due to dissolved gas / etc. You need to know the KH of your tapwater to get an actual idea of its buffering ability, idealy put some water from your tap in a bucket and aerate for 24 hours, then test the pH and KH... you...
  12. clinton1621

    Acrylic versus Glass

    I would say that yellowing does depend on the brand of acrylic tank you get and the quality of the acrylic used... ie you get what you pay for lol.
  13. clinton1621

    Acrylic versus Glass

    I do like the aspect of being able to have unique shapes, that is definitely a positive Simon! Weight is really only an issue when you're moving the tank, once its filled the difference is negligable at best for the amount of force they are applying to the stand / flooring, the weight of the...
  14. clinton1621

    Acrylic versus Glass

    I disagree that acrylic is superior, I've had glass tanks for years, even during moves, and by that point an acrylic tank would be yellow or so scratched you couldnt see through it. Yes you can "fix" the scratches, but you cant fix the yellowing... and you never have to fix glass so why would...
  15. clinton1621

    Fry Curiosity

    They will do fine with crushed flakes, you can also get specific fry food thats very small... either one will work, you dont have to use brine shrimp.
  16. clinton1621

    Iridescent Shark Injury

    I use fish as live bait, so I'm pretty desensitized when it comes to flushing... but I would only do so if the fish was dead or on the verge of death, not simply to get rid of t.
  17. clinton1621

    Id drift wood

    Yep thats Malaysian driftwood... if I remember correctly its wood from the roots of some type of Mangrove trees.
  18. clinton1621

    29 Gallon Tank Am I overstocked?

    Yes extra filtration helps in any situation... it adds more media, which means more bacteria to absorb waste, and a small amount of extra water volume depending on the size of the filter.
  19. clinton1621

    29 Gallon Tank Am I overstocked?

    The question was is it overstocked, not can you keep a tank successfully if it is overstocked. You can overstock a tank and do a large amount of upkeep to try and offset it, thats a matter of choice, but that wasnt what he/she asked lol.
  20. clinton1621

    29 Gallon Tank Am I overstocked?

    Yeah, and here is why... you have to include the overall size of the fish not just the length. So a 5 inch long fish is not just 5 inches of fish, you have to include the width and height into that along with the type of fish it is and how much waste it produces... goldfish produce a LOT of...

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