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  1. hollie1505

    Help Super skinny goldfish

    Hi guys. I'm a member of a group of Goldfish fans. A member of the group is having trouble with his Goldie and he's struggling to diagnose and treat her. I wonder if anyone can help us? This is Goldie. She is in a 40USG, having just been moved from a 10USG quarantine tank with another fantail...
  2. hollie1505

    Help Goldfish blood streaked fins

    Motley has suddenly developed blood streaking. It's got slightly worse over night but not considerably. She was in a 450litre 0,0,10 parameters, water changes 70% every other day. She is now quarantined. Any ideas? Sent from my KFARWI using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum mobile app
  3. hollie1505

    Oh my goldfish!!!

    This thread is about my Planted Goldfish tank(s). At the moment, the 450L has all my Goldfish in as I await the arrival of a 350L for some of them. I wanted to see who chummed up before I made a final decision on who goes where. Tank Stats: 120x50x80cm, 450L (0,0,15, pH 6.8, 22c) 2 x 2000lph...
  4. hollie1505

    New Goldies

    I "accidentally" might have bought a 120USG and a 75USG.... Then I might have "accidentally" bought seven tiny Butterfly Telescopes, a Ranchu and a Lionhead. Then, I might have bought a 40USG and two tiny blue Butterfly Telescopes, which are about 1.5cm in body at the moment! Here is Akiro...
  5. hollie1505

    You know you're an addict when....

    You get Valentines cards.... From your fish?!
  6. hollie1505

    Suitable midground plants for my tank?

    I have a 120 Gallon, 80cm tall aquarium. It has a dirt, red clay and osmocote substrate, capped with playsand and gravel. 2 x 25w T8 6500k bulbs. 2 x Beamswork Hi-Lumen 90 LED Planted edition (added today). I dose EI ferts. Ista disposable co2 -- until my kit...
  7. hollie1505

    Rainbowfish ID

    I ordered a few types; Boesmani (photobombing), Slender, Turquoise and Praecox. During QT, I lost a few, but I don't really know what passed and what survived. I have two of these. They are both the same. They must be either Turquoise or Slender (assuming I got the fish I ordered!). But as...
  8. hollie1505

    Paradise fish care

    Hi guys! My friend and I are having somewhat of a fish swap this week. We usually combine split schools and swap fry to keep the gene pool lively but this time, we're helping each other out a little. So, on Wednesday I will be getting 2 male and 4 female paradise fish. She had them in...
  9. hollie1505

    Decor for kids?

    Hi guys! Can I use small plastic figures/toys in my aquariums? What do I need to avoid? I am wanting to set up a planted shrimp tank 'for my son'. As he is 20months old, his tastes will change and mine are quite specific and I want to create something that will please us both. I...
  10. hollie1505

    Dead Betta. Photos.

    My Betta just died within the last ten minutes. He was in a 10G divided tank, about to be moved into his forever home. I found him like this. As his tank is divided, if anyone has any idea what has happened, I'd appreciate some info. His belly is suddenly white. No behaviour issues. This...
  11. hollie1505

    Hottonia Inflata?

    Can anyone give me an id on this plant? I believe it says Hottonia Inflata. What sort if care does it require? I can't find anything other than general wikipedia type info about it. It came with other plants, so it's not something I've looked into before buying. Any help much...
  12. hollie1505

    General Bunny advice?

    Back in November, I added a second bunny to our family. Penelope Pit stop was born on 2/9/2014 and in November, Nelly came to live with us. It very quickly became clear to me that Nelly wasn't a very healthy bunny. The first night I had her, Fudgie was banned from the front room, the Baby was...
  13. hollie1505

    Dechlorinate water for dry fert solution?

    It's probably a daft question. I've never done it but I'm suddenly worried about the water I use when dosing my ferts. I use the EI method (one macro, one micro solution) and add my dry ferts to water to make a solution to add. Do I need to dechlorinate the water in the solution or is it so...
  14. hollie1505

    How long can I leave fish unattended?

    I'm planning on going into hospital this week, for at least a few days. I don't know exactly how long I will be in for, could be a week perhaps a month. I will be able to come home occasionally and should be able to do maintenance when I am here, though I won't be here over night or for long...
  15. hollie1505

    Roof slate in aquariums?

    I figured it's worth at least trying to see if there's any positives to come from this horrendous wind blowing half my roof off... and the other half in!! Is roof slate aquarium safe? Is there any checks that I can do to see?**** Sent from my KFARWI using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum mobile app
  16. hollie1505

    Help Ranchu listless with strange scales.

    Please can somebody help my poor boy, Max. He has been in the hospital tank for a little over a week now as he was acting off. Floaty and listless. Today his scales look bizarre. He was pure orange this morning with lovely smooth scales. They are protruding from the white sections, the Orange...
  17. hollie1505

    New tank and fish arriving together!

    This wasn't planned by me. And it never crossed my mind that this would/could ever happen. I am having my new tank delivered tomorrow. The person who got it for me just sent me the delivery info/receipt through for the delivery tomorrow. It's a tank and a crown tail Betta. Don't get me wrong...
  18. hollie1505

    New driftwood! &buying tips?

    I think this will go into the Rainbow tank, haven't decided yet. I love it!! How do you buy your driftwood? Do you look for a specific piece for a specific place? Do you buy nice pieces and see where they could go? Buy in bulk? Sent from my KFARWI using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum mobile app
  19. hollie1505

    Lucky Goldfish in the news. I like fish news, thought I'd share. It appeared on my Facebook alongside comments of "who would do that?"... You know, from people who also take their pet to the vets, but see fish as some inferior pet. If...
  20. hollie1505

    New Oranda!!

    I'd like to introduce you all to the new member of the Goldie tank. This is Izzie, our new Oranda. We love her!

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